Surge Carbon Kayak Paddle



With a large blade for high-angle, high-energy paddlers, the Surge Carbon kayak paddle features Aqua-Bound's carbon fiber resin and foam core compression molded blades along with their extremely light weight and durable t-700 carbon shaft. This is one light paddle!!

Ovalized Shaft: 
T-700 Carbon
Blade Width: 
Blade Length: 
Blade Surface Area: 
Paddle Weight: 
25.5 oz
723 g
Paddle Length: 
Paddle Construction: 
Suggested Retail Price: 
$394.95 (Adjustable)
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Here's a video review of the Surge Carbon from professional fishermen Jim Van Pelt:

After more than 6 years through no fault of the company, I needed to replace my Aquabound carbon touring paddle. I have paddled countless lakes, hundreds of river miles and had many adventures under the Golden Gate Bridge and off the California and Oregon coast. I contacted Sonya Swanson, sales and marketing specialist, to explore my repair and replacement options. Sonya was very knowledgeable and prompt in all of our correspondence. I purchased a new surge carbon touring paddle as a replacement. The quality and workmanship of the carbon surge paddle exceeds my previous carbon paddle and I look forward to many years of continued adventuring. Thank you Aquabound for producing a fine product and having great customer service. Gunnar from California.

Having used several different paddles, in the last couple years I found myself really drawn to the Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches paddles. I have actually used several different paddles from both Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches, and truly enjoyed paddling with all of them. They have always felt right in my hands and performed extremely well, but the one that I never leave home without is my custom length Aqua-Bound Surge Carbon.

I primarily fish from Jackson Kayak sit on top kayaks, and their SUP. These kayaks have a seat that can be raised to higher position, and this is how I choose to fish because I am more elevated, which makes it easier to see and easier to stand from the seated position.

The reason I tell you all of this is because I often found myself leaning forward to get a good paddle stroke with any paddle less than 240cm. So I have used a 240cm Aqua Bound Surge for a while and loved it. It was after my first time on Jackson Kayak’s SUPerFISHal, their fishing SUP, that I realized I needed something even longer.

I had the SUP set up with a 35 quart cooler that I could use as storage, a seat, and a standing platform. The first time on the SUP I had a normal SUP Paddle, but quickly realized that I could cover water faster if I used a regular paddle, sat down on the cooler, and paddled it like a kayak. The only issue was the paddle would hardly hit the water sitting that high on the cooler. I really loved being on the SUP and decided I had to figure out a way to make this work; so I contacted Andrew Stern at Aqua-Bound and told him my situation. He worked with me and helped me figure out the right paddle for the job. I ended up deciding to go with a custom 245cm – 260 cm Aqua-Bound Surge Carbon for three main reasons.

The main factor for me was the fact that this paddle is telescoping. I needed this because when I sit on the cooler and paddle the SUP like a kayak that extra length makes a world of difference. But I also fish rivers from my Jackson Kayak Coosa, and if the paddle was 260cm all the time then it would bottom out and hit rocks all the time and I wouldn’t be able to get a full paddle stroke in shallow water. Thus, being able to retract the paddle down to 245cm in a split second makes this my all-purpose paddle. The telescoping ferrule is very simple to use, it only takes about ¼ turn twist with both hands on each side of the paddle and it breaks free, then adjust to your desired length and twist back. This can really be done on the fly, which makes water depth changes no problem at all, and you don’t have to worry about losing ground…well water…when adjusting the paddle length.

Also, with a 260 cm paddle, I could even stand on top of the cooler and still paddle the SUP with no problem. In super shallow flats like in the Florida Keys, I could use it as a push pole while I stood up to sight fish.

The second reason is the weight. Since I was going with a longer paddle I knew I would need the ultra lightweight of the Surge Carbon, especially on all day adventures. I didn’t really notice the fatigue that can come with a heavier paddle until I spent a full day in some steady current with my buddy’s 45+ oz paddle; and I haven’t left my paddle at home since.

The third reason I went with the Surge Carbon is because it is a sexy paddle. The carbon fiber blades look slick, like a sports car. Which is a good comparison because it really moves my kayaks with a surface area covering a powerful 104 square inch blade. By far this is my favorite paddle I’ve ever used, and every person I let try it out immediately asks if I want to trade…and well that’s an easy answer. Never, but I usually let them use it for the rest of the trip.