Sting Ray Carbon Kayak Paddle



The Sting Ray Carbon kayak paddle features our most popular blade style, for flat and slow-moving water. With the lightweight carbon fiber blade providing extra strength and stiffness along with the low swing weight pure carbon shaft, the Sting Ray Carbon kayak paddle is a first class touring choice!

Ovalized Shaft: 
100% Carbon
Blade Width: 
Blade Length: 
Blade Surface Area: 
Paddle Weight: 
28.75 oz
815 g
Paddle Length: 
Paddle Construction: 
Suggested Retail Price: 
$179.95 (Snap Button)
$189.95 (Posi-Lok)
$199.95 (4pc, Snap Button)
$209.95 (4pc, Posi-Lok)
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Excellent paddle,paddled 470 miles with it on the Mo Riverin 2014.No problem with performance.Did the MR340 ,August,2014.76 hrs of straight paddling.Perfect balance and weight for marathon paddling.Would recommend it to anybody.Barry Brock,Missouri.

I have both the Sting Ray Carbon and Hybrid....I use the carbon the most ...I love both paddles and never had an issue.... May be for normal touring the Hybrid is more attractive cosidering cost...

The oval shaft keeps my grip perpendicular to the blade so It's less consious effort to keep the feathered blade straight to the water, and I know exactly where I need to be for a quick brace.

What's the diff between the manta ray carbon ad stingray carbon?

The Manta Ray's blade size is 17 sq. in. bigger than the Sting Ray's. The Manta Ray is more appropraite for high-angled paddling strokes, and the Sting Ray is better for low-angled, relaxed strokes. The Manta Ray is also better for larger kayak with more weight. 

My wife and I have had the same issue with our paddles. They're so tight, I honestly haven't worried about even getting them completely together, effectively turning 220s into 222s, and it still takes both of us to wrestle them apart.

That said, I'll try the sanding and see if that doesn't work. Good to know it's not just us.

What is meant by "ovalized shaft"?


Fantastic question! When we say ovalized, we are describing the area on the shaft where one places their hands, where the shaft is heated and bent to fit perfectly with your hands. The natural design of a person grip is not perfectly circle, and either are our shafts. They are designed this way to be more comfortable, easier to hold, and less fatiguing. If you have more questions about our shafts are Aqua-Bound, please call 715-755-3405.


We have this paddle, been used approx 10 times over the last 2 to 3 years. The problem we are encountering is that the paddle will not join together, gets stuck and will not reach the lock in button. It takes two people to pull and twist it apart. Is this a flaw or can we do something to correct this situation, as the paddle is unusable in this condition. Thank you, Steve Jackson

You must have got a lemon Steve. Mine doesn't have any those issues.