Freedom Stand-Up Paddle



With a 100% carbon shaft, contoured palm grip and epX engineered polymer blade, the Freedom weighs only 29 oz. so your time on the water will be less fatiguing. Perfect for intermediate paddleboarders, its stiff, durable blade delivers more power with every stroke: no whippy, wimpy blade here.

And…it looks really cool. This paddle’s ocean blue blade and grip – and its Polynesian graphics – make a real statement on the water.

New: The Freedom is now available in 4-piece breakdown, perfect for any travel.

Ovalized Shaft: 
Blade Width: 
Blade Length: 
Blade Surface Area: 
Paddle Weight: 
29 oz
822 g
Paddle Length: 
70-80 in
76-86 in
Paddle Construction: 
Suggested Retail Price: 
$139.95 (2pc)
$164.94 (4pc)
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When I’m stand-up paddle boarding and focusing on my balance, I usually find myself wishing my load could be just a little lighter. Mostly my gut. But sometimes my paddle. A lighter paddle isn’t just about the ease of carrying it to and from the shore. A lighter paddle means less distraction from your balance and less fatigue throughout ride.

The Aqua-Bound Freedom Paddle is a 29-ounce, 100% carbon shaft that is noticeably lighter than most SUP paddles. Working from side to side across the water, it was far easier to pick up and never threw me off balance.

The Freedom’s blade is a good width (8.5 inches), and it is sturdy without any give, adding more thrust to every stroke. The blade only comes in blue, but that’s the color I would have chosen anyway.

I tested the 76”-86” 2-piece paddle, which detaches the handle at the end of the shaft. The Freedom also comes in a smaller 70”-80” length. (If you’re new to SUPing, a fair rule of thumb is to add 10” to your own height). Both paddles come in 2-piece and 4-piece take-apart models.

The Freedom is Aqua-Bound’s paddle for intermediate SUPers. The slightly heaver (31.5 oz) Spark is designed with beginners in mind, and for experienced paddlers, the Challenge has 27 oz adjustable and 24 oz fixed length options.

Aqua-Bound Freedom Paddle

Aqua-Bound claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of canoe, kayak and SUP paddles. (Someone’s got to be.) The design and weight of the Freedom paddle are great arguments for how Aqua-Bound has attained that title – and why they’re set on hanging on to it.

- Extremely lightweight (29 oz.)
- Wide and sturdy blade
- Good contoured handle grip

- Only available in blue

PRICE 8/10

OVERALL 8.5/10

The Freedom SUP paddle joins the likes of the Stingray/Eagle Ray Hybrid kayak paddles as yet another “best bang for your buck” paddle by Aquabound. Seriously, the quality and features that you get at the $140.00 price-point are mind-blowing! The Freedom paddle features a carbon fiber shaft, abs plastic blades, and a blow-molded, T-grip-style handle which add up to a mere 29oz (a real steal at this price point). The blade sports a dihedral design that makes it super stable (and powerful) in the forward stroke and a great choice for folks interested in paddling at a moderate cadence while touring. This paddle comes in both 2-piece adjustable (70-80” or 76-86”) and 4-piece adjustable for those travel-minded SUPers!

Aquabound Freedom Paddle

My fellow SUP instructors and I have had the chance to use the Freedom SUP throughout the summer and our experience has been quite positive. It honestly blows away most of the other paddles in this price range in terms of performance! To quote a fellow instructor “the Freedom paddle is a great entry level SUP paddle. It’s light, sturdy, and fits a wide range of people!” My thoughts echo those of my compatriot but thing that I like most about the Freedom is the carbon fiber shaft. It’s stiff enough to efficiently transfer energy through the paddle while feeling light in hand. The blade is equally stable due to its dihedral design and hardly slips at all in the water. One would think that the dihedral design would affect the smoothness of transition strokes but you hardly notice it! Finally, I really appreciate the simplicity of the button-style ferrule system. It locks in tight yet remains easy to adjust. The one thing is that the ferrule whistles in the wind. Any holes that are open below the handle act much like the keys on a flute or clarinet to create music in the wind. Not a huge deal but it can become a tad annoying on a longer trip…

Aquabound Freedom Paddle 2

It can be difficult to ascertain the longevity of a paddle without using it for quite some time. Luckily, we have some great data on the Freedom paddle; we liked it so much that we decided to add a dozen of them to our SUP instruction and rental fleet. Take my word for it; the paddles in this fleet take all sorts of abuse. They’re thrown around, used like hockey sticks by kids, smashed on rocks, stepped on, and rarely ever cleaned. The good news is that we only managed to break one blade over the course of the summer (it took an unreasonable pounding)! Yes, they’re roughed up around the edges but the ferrules are still tight and adjustable, the blades are still intact (save the one), and the shafts are as straight as they were when they came out of the box! We obviously don’t condone “paddle abuse” for personal paddles (and we’re lucky that we didn’t kill off a few more). However, if a paddle (or twelve) can survive this sort of constant abuse then one can probably rest assured that it will survive many seasons in the hands of an average paddler.

Aquabound Freedom Paddle 3

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the of the Freedom SUP paddle both for the everyday paddler and for outfitters. I’ve found this paddle to be extraordinarily robust, stiff-in-the-shaft, and stable-in-the-blade. It’s really the best “bang-for-your-buck” SUP paddle on the market and it’s clearly far superior to anything else released by the major brands at the $140.00 price point in my humble opinion! Finally, I was stoked to hear that the folks at Aquabound have released a 4-piece version of this paddle and I look forward to purchasing one as a travel companion for next season!

Happy Paddling!

-Kayak Dave

Pros: Great “bang for your buck”, stiff shaft, durable, sturdy ferrule design.

Cons: Adjustable shaft “whistles” in the wind Rating: 4.5 / 5

Jessica Rhae from You Did What With Your Wiener conducts an unbiased third party review of the Freedom 4pc break-down paddle.

With the snow falling yesterday I decided it was a perfect SUP day. We drove down to the Fraser River and launched off the
edge of the ice. The morning was spent paddling upstream against the current but the Freedom made the going seem a little less than painful. While it didn't seem to enter or exit the water quite as nicely as the last few paddles I've
used, I must note that they all cost at least double if not triple the amount
as the Freedom. For the money the paddle was stiff and light; when it comes to a bang for your buck paddle this would certainly be my choice. Best paddle under $175, hands down. -Calvin Peters