Hillsborough, NJ
Current city
Windham, NH
Favorite paddle
Aqua-Bound Carbon Shred
Favorite fishing spot
Upper Pemi NH
I grew up around whitewater paddling as both my parents whitewater canoed. By the time I was 8, I was in a tandem canoe with my dad paddling class 3 rivers such as the lower yough. Around age 12 I got my first kayak, a wavesport EZ and quickly progressed. When I turned 17 and got my drivers license I got a job guiding on the Lehigh Gorge in PA for the summer. Shortly after I went away for college and unfortunately did not get in a boat for several years. In April of 2014 I moved to New Hampshire and I started kayaking again. Previous to my long hiatus I had been running class 4 to low level 5. Upon arriving in New Hampshire I found the mecca of manky creeking that is Northeast creeking and have many of the class 5+ runs and rapids in the area. I can't wait for the spring of 2015 and coming year, as I am just getting started!