Jalle, Lofoten
Alexander "Jalle" Stjernberg
Current city
Göteborg, Sweden
Favorite paddle
Tango 210 carbon
Favorite paddling spot
Lofoten, Norway
I grew up in the archipelago north of Stockholm in Sweden. I discovered sea kayaking when I was a teenager and I found it to be quite amazing. I wanted to take my passion to another level so I decided to become a wilderness guide and specialize myself within sea kayaking.
Now I'm currently living in Gothenburg, the west coast of Sweden and I'm working with sea kayaking during the summers at the kayak centre, Nautopp. I mainly work as an instructor and love teaching sea kayaking to other people. You can find me all over the nordic countries, teaching sea kayaking to people.
ACA level 2 instructor
BCU 3*
Aktivitetsleder, NPF
NIL instructor
EPP assessor, green level
Wilderness guide
Wilderness first responder