Alpharetta, GA
Current city
Baton Rouge, LA
Favorite paddle
Surge Carbon Kayak Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
South Louisiana Coastal Marshes
I got my first kayak in 2007, but that was not when my kayak fishing obsession began. It began back in my teenage years, fishing out of a pirogue at my grandfather’s camp, Lagniappe, on Blind River. The fishing was never spectacular, but that didn’t stop the seeds of a very serious addiction from being sewn into my psyche. That addiction didn’t catch up with me until after I graduated college. Looking for a fiscally responsible way of getting myself on the water to fish, I came across kayak fishing and was hooked before ever even owning one. I love everything about kayak fishing; the places it takes me, the fish that I catch, the experience provided by just being out on the water, enjoying nature and life. The fact that there are minimal costs associated with the sport became, as they say in Louisiana, lagniappe, or a little something extra.
5th place leopard red division BCKFC Paddlepalooza (Apr. 2014)
8th place IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Championship (Nov. 2013)
3rd place slam division BCKFC Paddlepalooza (March 2013)
1st place slam division BCKFC Fall N Tide (Oct. 2012)
3rd place fly east division CCA Louisiana STAR tournament (May-Sept. 2012)
3rd place redfish division BCKFC Fall N Tide (Oct. 2010)
3rd place BCKFC Redfish Rumble (June 2010)
3rd place leopard red division BCKFC Fall N Tide (Oct. 2008)