First Place Washburn Board Across the Bay
Beth Poliquin
Burke, Virginia
Current city
Grand Marais, MN
Favorite paddle
Tango Carbon Bent Shaft
Favorite paddling spot
Kailua, HI and Lake Superior's North Shore
I have always loved being on the water as a kid growing up in Virginia Beach. My first experiences paddling came in college with courses in White Water Kayaking and Canoe Camping, using what I learned on the James River. Trips on the Potomac and New Rivers grew my love for the excitement of moving water.

Upon getting married, I moved to Hawaii and started working for a kayak shop in order to spend as much time as possible learning about paddling the islands. I enjoyed getting to explore new areas and test my skills in waves. A good swell meant taking surf boats out and brushing up on those white water skills. After a couple years I started guided tours for a small company in Kailua, which also gave me the opportunity to be involved with some conservation efforts specifically related to Wedge-tailed Shearwaters.

After Hawaii, life changed with a move to the Arizona desert and the birth of our two daughters. I got to teach P.E. to homeschool kids and coach at a local high school. While visiting friends in Oregon I tried Stand-Up Paddleboarding for the first time on a lake in the Cascade Mountains.

In 2016 my family moved to Grand Marais, MN and I started working at Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply as a part-time sales associate and kayak guide. I'm now the General Manager and have the privilege of leading a great team of people who love the outdoors and helping people experience it safely.

I paddle an Eddyline Raven, which is the perfect Big Lake/sea kayak for this river and wave lover. I use the AquaBound Tango Carbon with a bent shaft. I'm a leftie, so I feather just slightly that way. My board is a Gray Duck Journey. With this board I've done the Washburn Board Across the Bay and won my division twice.
ACA Kayak Instructor Level 2, continuing at Level 3
Red Cross Certified Life Guard
General Manager, Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply