2016 New Year’s Resolutions for Paddleboarders

Everyone knows it’s hard to keep New Year’s resolutions. But maybe your odds of keeping them will increase if you don’t have to give up anything to reach your goals. That’s the way the following resolutions work. They deliver satisfaction without demanding sacrifice. First and foremost, if you haven’t already, try it this year. There’s a reason stand-up paddling continues to be one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet. It’s enjoyable, it’s good for your body, and it’s doable for just about anyone. A woman from Port Stephens, Australia said it this way, “My children have SUP’ed before, my husband too, many times. I always prefer to relax on the shore and watch. But not this year. My New Year’s resolution was to get out there and join them, and it was the best decision I’ve made this year.” Courtesy of Tripadvisor.com Balance your life. You have commitments you need to meet with children, family, friends, and work. Just make sure you also save some time for yourself. Consider the words of Lina Augatis, world SUP champion from Vancouver, British Columbia, “For me, 2016 will be about finding balance between continuing to grow as a SUP athlete and being a new mom. Most of all I want to have fun, and explore everything that SUP has to offer. My goals are to continue to build a community and a future for the sport in Canada, return to racing, and explore the water with my family.” Courtesy of supthemag.com Pay it forward. In many communities, there are non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting natural habitat for stand-up paddlers and introducing more people to the sport. You can help organizations like this make a bigger impact. Ask your local board shop about community organizations, and then volunteer to help them. A small donation of time can make a big difference to someone who might not otherwise have a chance to get on the water. Eat better. We’ve all heard the statistic, 50% of people who set up a diet regimen on January 1 are back to their old ways within two months. This year, maybe check out a good book that makes healthy eating fun. For example, try reading Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World, which covers everything from gardening to preserving to cooking healthy foods. You can order it online by visiting farmgirlfresh.com/books. Introduce a friend to SUP. Know someone who’s looking for a change of pace in their exercise routine? Introduce them to stand-up paddling. It’s not an intimidating sport for first-timers. It’s not hard to find places to do it, rental boards, or paddles to do it with. And it’s not just a form of exercise. It’s a great way to enjoy the water and the company that surrounds you. You know that. Now share what you know with someone whose company you enjoy. Experience dawn and dusk. Although the majority of paddleboarders can be found on the water in the middle of the day, we suggest trying the “edges” of the day for a dramatically different experience. The world moves a little more quietly – and dare we say, more majestically – at dawn and dusk. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself, and see if you don’t discover a new favorite slice of the day. Take a trip. Let’s say you’ve been paddleboarding for awhile on water near you. Is it time for a change of scenery? Consider a trip to a paddleboarding destination. A paddleboarding outfitter can set you up with everything you need – from boards and paddles to classes to great accommodations. One example that sounds good to us is a multi-day trip to the Florida Keys, organized by kayakamelia.com. Stay at a home surrounded by water on three sides. Take daily paddleboarding excursions to out-islands. Enjoy the weather, the beaches, and socializing with others who share your love of the sport. Return home rejuvenated and refreshed. 2016 promises to be an awesome year for paddleboarders. Resolve to enjoy it!