American Rivers: Nationwide Advocacy for Our Rivers

Since 1973, American Rivers has helped protect and restore over 150,000 miles of rivers in the US…

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American Rivers is a national advocacy organization that “protects healthy rivers, restores damaged rivers and conserves clean water for people and nature.”

The organization was founded in 1973 by a group of people concerned about losing our last wild rivers. The organization has grown steadily since then with tens of thousands of supporters today.

Beyond advocacy they work on the ground in America’s most important river basins. They’re committed to partnering with groups that represent local river advocacy, businesses, agriculture, outdoor recreation and more to make the biggest positive impact they can.

Their focus is:

Protecting Healthy Rivers

Rivers criss-cross the North American continent. Protecting these rivers and keeping them healthy benefit the environment and ecosystems, the people who depend on them for drinking water, and the businesses in the communities along them.

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So the primary goals of American Rivers is to ensure we keep the wild and scenic rivers we now have and increase them by restoring damaged rivers.

Restoring Damaged Rivers

Damming and pollution are the biggest causes of river damage. Restoring damaged rivers improves wildlife and fish habitat and public safety. It makes those rivers inviting for outdoor recreation and adds to the economic health of communities.

American Rivers’ vision is to see hazardous, outdated dams removed and thousands of miles of rivers and floodplains restored.

Improving and Conserving Clean Water

Necessary for all forms of life, for agriculture and for communities, clean water has become a key focus of American Rivers, too—both conserving it and improving water quality by reducing pollution.

American Rivers’ website is a wealth of information if you’d like get involved at any level protecting the rivers near you. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too.


Aqua-Bound is proud to support the ongoing work of American Rivers!

(The photos in this post are all from a recent Aqua-Bound staff and family river trip on our local river, the St. Croix.)

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