Aqua-Bound’s SUP Paddles: There’s One for Every Paddler

Whether you’re a beginning stand-up paddleboarder or a pro, no matter your budget, Aqua-Bound has a SUP paddle for you…


SUP paddler

Performance Touring Paddles

Our Malta and Challenge SUP paddles are our highest-end paddles for those wanting the lightest, most flutter-free and toughest paddle around. These paddles are made for those who aren’t willing to compromise quality and great performance.

The Malta Carbon is 100% carbon from tip-to-tip. This sleek black beauty weighs just 16.5 ounces—you’ll hardly know you’re holding a paddle, it’s so light! The 1-piece model is available in lengths between 70 and 86 inches, in 2-inch increments. Or if you’d like the 2-piece adjustable-length model, it’s just 1.5 ounces heavier. The MSRP for the 1-piece is $299.95 and the 2-piece is $324.95.

The Malta Fiberglass has a carbon shaft and an eye-popping fiberglass blade in three color options: Sunwave, Berry and Limeade. At just 18.5 and 20 ounces (for the 1-piece and 2-piece), the Malta Fiberglass is still a lightweight option, but a little easier on the wallet. Its MSRP is $234.95 and $259.95.

Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass
The Malta Fiberglass in Sunwave


The Challenge 85 is the final member of our Performance family. It also sports a comfortable, lightweight carbon shaft and has an epX engineered polymer blade with carbon-fiber reinforcement. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s one tough blade that provides a great stroke!  Decorated with a Polynesian graphic on the blade, this all black paddle has a sleek design. The Challenge 85 is available only in a 2-piece model for $189.95.

Recreational Paddles

If our Performance line is a bit out of your price range, check out our Recreational family of paddles: Lyric and Freedom.

The Lyric is designed on a smaller scale for the petite paddler. Its 100% carbon shaft helps keep the weight down to 23.5 ounces. The epX engineered polymer blade helps keep the price down to just $139.95 for the 2-piece and $164.85 for the 4-piece. The blade is white with a Polynesian graphic inspired by SUP’s surfing-culture roots.

The Freedom and Freedom 85 also feature a 100% carbon shaft, along with an epX engineered polymer blade. The Freedom 85’s blade is 85 square inches, while the standard Freedom has a beefy 100-square-inch blade for significant pull power. This beauty of a paddle has an ocean blue blade with the distinctive Polynesian graphic. It’s our most popular SUP paddle with price points at $139.95 and $164.95 (2-piece and 4-piece).

Aqua-Bound Freedom SUP paddle
The Freedom with its ocean blue blade and Polynesian graphic


Travel-Friendly Paddles

As you may have noticed, two of our SUP line—the Lyric and Freedom/Freedom 85—are available in a 4-piece model. That makes them perfect for packing, whether by plane, car, bus or even bicycle. If you travel frequently and can’t stand the thought of using a different paddle—you don’t have to!

Our Easy-on-the-Budget Paddle

If you’re just starting out or your budget doesn’t allow for a pricier option, the Spark is for you. The Spark has the same strong, epX engineered polymer blade as its more expensive cousins, but its aluminum shaft helps us keep its price below $100. It weighs 28.5 ounces and is available in a 2-piece adjustable-length model. MSRP $99.95.

Aqua-Bound Spark SUP paddle
The Spark is perfect for the beginner or budget-conscious paddler


No matter your experience, budget or style, we’ll set you up with a paddle you’ll love!

Need more help choosing a SUP paddle? Call or email our friendly, Wisconsin-based customer service team today: 715-755-3405 or [email protected]

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