Georgia River Network: The Voice for Georgia’s Rivers

Georgia River Network began when a handful of dedicated paddlers and anglers saw the need to step up to protect their state’s rivers…

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Part of Georgia River Network’s goal is clean water for the next generation (photo courtesy of Gwyneth Moody, Georgia River Network)


Georgia River Network (GRN) was born in the late 1990s in response to serious concerns about the water quality in Georgia’s rivers. The state was experiencing healthy growth, but development and state laws were threatening the health of the rivers, wetlands and lakes.

Changing laws, mindsets and environments is a long, slow process. But those who serve GRN have a long-term vision. We can’t say it any better than they do themselves:

“Our staff and board envision a day when Georgia’s rivers are a focal point of our communities, a place we bring our families to have fun, be together, celebrate and relax. We hope to see these rivers being used to enrich our lives, fuel our economy in creative ways, and provide clean, healthy drinking water to all Georgians for years to come.” (source)

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(photo courtesy of Gwyneth Moody, Georgia River Network)


They work toward this vision by helping Georgians:

Connect with Their Rivers for Advocacy

Georgia River Network’s website is packed with resources and educational information. Their page, River Protection 101, provides the whys and hows of environmental stewardship in easy-to-understand terms.

Advocate for River Protection at the State Level

The website helps citizens connect with their local and state legislators to influence new laws and advocate enforcement of current laws. GRN also partners with Georgia businesses that want to help clean up and protect the rivers.

Enjoy and Use Georgia’s Rivers

The state of Georgia is covered by a network of rivers and streams. Another of GRN’s missions is to connect Georgians with their local rivers to use and enjoy. Here are a few ways they do that:

  • Their website offers an interactive map of the main river systems to let their readers know about their local rivers.
  • GRN collects stories from readers who want to share their enjoyment.
  • They maintain a Georgia Water Trails website.
  • They sponsor Paddle Georgia—a week-long, 84-mile paddling excursion that attracts over 400 people yearly to raise awareness of Georgia’s rivers.

Aqua-Bound is honored to support Georgia River Network!

(photo courtesy of Gwyneth Moody, Georgia River Network)


You can connect with Georgia River Network on their website and Facebook.

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