Grand Canyon: A kids first paddle with Aquabound

On July 20th 2012 Aquabound gave me my first kid’s paddle and it helped me learn faster for sure. It was hiked down to the bottom the Grand Canyon to meet me at Phantom Ranch. That was day 7 out of my 17 day trip. As a ten year old my first impression was, “Wow that shark sticker is really cool!” But as a paddler I noticed that it was my first fitting paddle. The shaft was shorter so I could take more effective strokes. Not only was the shaft shorter, but it was thinner, making it easy for my hands to get a better grip rather than dad’s huge paddle. The paddle I had before not only was black, but sunk into the water so whenever I swam the paddle would mysteriously disappear and reappear. But with the white, visible, (and glad to say) floating paddle, it was snatched up and thrown into the raft. Even now, two years later, the paddle is still being used after hundreds of days on water. Picture: Matkat Canyon, Day 12 of 17 at river mile 148 of 297.