Grand Canyon Prep

Well... Things are getting real, real fast. The past week my wife and I have been consumed with packing, repacking, unpacking and generally prepping for a Grand Canyon trip that launches on November 8th. We've also been prepping for the cross-country, rock climbing road trip to get to Arizona. I decided during Gauley Season to paddle my K1 instead of OC1 on this trip. Getting to the shore to drain a boat on the Gauley was a lot of work, doing it in the Big Ditch seems like a struggle. They guys at Aqua-Bound hooked me up with a 4pc Carbon Shred Breakdown. It’s exactly like my 1pc Carbon Shred, which is one thing I like about AB paddles. As I’m writing, it’s raining. The local goods probably won’t run, but I can hope. We really need a break from packing and working. Lately there’s been some good paddling in Damascus. I got a PFD on Whitetop Laurel. It’s 12 miles of class 4 creeking and I can take out 100 yards from my back door. It’s literally my backyard run! I also did some teaching on Lower Whitetop and SF of the Holston. Both are great class 2 beginner runs, and are very enjoyable. We’re leaving on Friday, so I need to shift packing into high gear. I’ll keep the AB world updated. -Andrew