Greenland summer 2019

Based on reading books of/about Arctic explorers, a facination for glaciers and mountains, and an interest in Norse/viking period, I finally got myself together in 2015 and went to Greenland for a 16-days kayak expedition together with my to friends Desiree and Tamara.
Greenland has hit me directly in the heart!
What a place!

Remote. No paths. Hardly no people. Wilderness. Demanding logistics. No plastic garbage. No tourists (where we paddle). Fish our own food. Buy local whale and reindeer meat. See 1000 years old Norse/viking ruins. Pick herbs. Sunset over icebergs. Northernlights over icebergs. Polar fox sniffing by your tent at night. Remnants of inuit settlements. Passing cariboes from kayaks. Paddle towards the insanely large Greenlandic Icecap. Short Arctic summer with amazingly colorful flowerbeds. Watch icebergs passing by the camp. Making your own wild berry jam. Sharp clean air. SILENCE like nowhere else.
(Thank God Trump did not get to buy Greenland in August 2019!)

If you want to see yourself, go there or take a look at my 3 min film from the trip I arranged in July 2019! Cant wait to go back in July 2020!