It Finally Rained!!

Well, It's been a long, dry few weeks for me. My wife and I moved from Vermont, to Damascus, Virginia about two weeks ago and found my new Aqua-Bound paddles waiting. I was super stoked and immediately opened the box, then checked the forecast. I received an Edge, a two-piece Edge Breakdown, and a Shred Carbon. Unfortunately, due to lack of precip, the most exciting thing I did with them for two weeks was make a rack to hang them on the wall. This past weekend we made last minute decision to drive to the Ocoee for the weekend and meet some friends. We drove down Friday night and camped. My first use for the Edge was actually as a pole to hold a kitchen tarp up! It performed exceedingly well at this task. Saturday morning we inflated a 9.5 foot raft and put in on the Upper Ocoee, which was the site of the 1996 Olympics. My wife and I got in the raft, and some kayakers remarked that it would be fun to watch us R2 the Olympic channel. It was our first Upper Ocoee run, first time in a raft together, and first time R2. It was quite the recipe for fun. We dumped the raft. We swam. It was great! The AB paddles were great. They are light, and flex just enough to make paddling easier on my shoulder. They're also very competitively priced, and made in the USA. What's not to like? After beatering down the Upper I traded a raft for my Blackfly canoe and put in to head down the Middle Ocoee. It's one of my favorite sections of river! It's class 3+ and is just exciting enough to keep you thinking. There are plenty of more challenging moves to seek out it you want, and the surfing is just plain fun. My new Edge didn't let me down! We paddled a long lap and played a lot. It took us about 4 hours. The most fun was had without a paddle at all. We rafted up and floated down Table Saw, waving and yelling the whole way down. Hopefully whoever took those pictures will be inclined to share them with me. I'm looking forward to the rainy season in the Southeast, and have plenty more paddling adventures planned. I'll keep you posted. Andrew