Kayaking the Gaspésie Peninsula in Quebec [Video]

ProStaffer and host of Paddle Tales, Ken Whiting, heads to the eastern edge of Québec where the mountains and rivers meet the sea…

kayaking gaspesie peninsula

The Gaspésie Peninsula has hundreds of miles of dramatic coastline, surrounded by the St. Lawrence River on one side and the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the other.

Ken Whiting takes us along with him on a kayak tour of this gorgeous area:



The Gaspésie region welcomed the first European explorers more than 300 years ago to what is now Canada. It’s the easternmost part of French-speaking Quebec, and perfect for outdoor lovers and adventurers.

The area near the town of Percé has been designated as the first UNESCO Global Geopark in Quebec:

“A unified geographical area where sights and landscapes are managed with the holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.”

overlooking perce rock
Ken, on the glass viewing platform, overlooks the town of Percé and iconic Percé Rock


Percé Rock is the most famous icon in the area. This huge rock juts out of the sea more than 328 feet high and a quarter mile long. A natural arch (see the photo at the top) adds to the drama.

Not far from Percé Rock is Bonaventure Island, famous as a bird sanctuary for Northern Gannets. In fact, it hosts the largest colony of Gannets in the world during the summer months.

Besides his coastal sea kayak tour, Ken tried his hand at stand-up paddleboarding on the crystal-clear water of Bonaventure River. Making his way down the Class I and Class II rapids in the river, he highly recommends it for even beginning kayakers and canoeist who’d like to try whitewater.

SUP on bonaventure river
Stand-up paddleboarding on the area’s magnificent Bonaventure River


This beautiful maritime area with its combination of mountains, rivers and ocean deserves a place high on your paddling bucket list. Here you’ll experience and see some of the best of rural, wild Quebec.

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