Kayaking in Quebec’s Laurentian Region [Video]

Hitch a ride sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking with Ken Whiting and Paddle Tales in Quebec’s beautiful Laurentian region…

kayaking Lake Poisson Blanc

With its beautiful rolling hills, countless lakes and wild rivers, the Laurentians offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Let’s tag along with Ken as he explores this stunning wilderness region of Quebec, Canada…


A Wilderness Paradise

The Laurentians are one of Canada’s top adventure sport destinations. This gorgeous wilderness paradise is sandwiched between Ottawa and Montreal—making it very accessible.

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And yet it has tremendous ecological diversity and wide-open spaces begging to be explored on foot, by bike and on water. It’s not difficult to get off the beaten path and into more out-of-the-way places in the 8,500 square miles (22,000 square kilometers) of this region.

Known as Les Laurentides by the French Canadians, the region takes its name from the mountain chain that runs through it.

Lake Poisson Blanc

Ken’s kayak adventures begin at Lake Poisson Blanc. He tours the lake with tourism guide and fellow kayaking lover, Fabienne Herve.

Poisson Blanc is a very large lake—30 kilometers long, 4 kilometers wide—with over 80 islands hosting a plethora of kayak and canoe campsites. Summertime brings many paddlers who take advantage of them.

What sets this lake apart from the hundreds of others in the region is its accessibility.

“You don’t need to be a hardcore canoeist or kayaker to enjoy the place. In fact, you can rent canoes, kayaks or paddle boards, and you can even have your luggage delivered to and from your campsite.”

Ken Whiting kayaks on Lake Poisson Blanc
Ken Whiting kayaks on Lake Poisson Blanc


Ken even admits to enjoying the idea of camping with that kind of ease when he says,

“There was definitely a time when I would’ve laughed at the idea of someone carrying my gear to camp for me. But age has delivered more than an aching back and a redistribution of body hair! It’s also come with the acceptance that there’s nothing wrong with the acceptance of giving up a little bit of the hardcore to make your adventures a little cushier.”

Though Poisson Blanc is big and susceptible to winds, the number of islands offer shelter and great paddling for both canoes and kayaks.

Many of us would agree with Ken when he says, “The only thing better than a good day of paddling is finishing a good day of paddling and camping on an island!”

The Rouge River

Besides its lakes, the Laurentian area is known for its spectacular whitewater rivers. The Rouge River is one of the most popular destinations in eastern Canada for both whitewater kayaking and rafting.

Derek Klapka, of New World Rafting, has been guiding on the Rouge for over 20 years. He loves the connection he has with the river, and loves taking people on the water: “It’s probably one of the best ways to travel and discover the heart of a country. You’re running through the arteries of a country or continent.”

He and Ken tackled the infamous “washing machine” section of the river for a great day of whitewater.

Ken Whiting on the Rouge River in his whitewater kayak
Ken takes on the Rouge River in his whitewater kayak

For More on the Laurentions

Interested in traveling to this wonderful paddling region? Go to the official Laurentians tourism website for all the details.

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