My daughter Paula at Lofoten

Me and some friends did a trip to Lofoten Islands this summer. We had three fantastic weeks with a weather the locals couldn't remember ever having. Sunny and warm, not the weather you expect at Lofoten.

It was a very long drive from the south of Sweden (about 1000 miles) but well worth it. This is not the last time me, or Paula, is is going there for kayaking.


Surfing at Kvalvika, Lofoten


We were out two ore three days, back in the cars for shifting place, and out again for two - three days. In that way we covered a lot of the best places in Lofoten. But there are a lot left to see.

Passage to Litle Molla


We were five paddlers from Sweden and Finland on this trip. All were very pleased, everything had been great, the kayaking, the weather, the food and the company. 

At Lyngvaer


On our way into Trollfjorden



Now the fall is slowly coming here in Sweden and now starts the best time of the year for kayaking (at least I think so).

Me with my AquaBound Whiskey paddle