NorCal Adventures with AquaBound

I have used a variety of AquaBound paddles here in NorCal for the past eight years, and have been impressed with all of them.

I think paddles are often overlooked by spearfishermen, but really are a crucial part of any kayak diver's gear.

A quality paddle, like an AquaBound, will get you to your dive spots quickly, and make sure you get back to shore safe and sound each day.

Here is a quick video and some pics showing some of the adventures I have had here in NorCal that would not have been possible without my AquaBound paddles.


AB Stairs


AB PaddleSlop

AB Heron

AB Verms

AB KrakenSlop

AB MessOFish

AB SheepLing

Ab FishOnKraken

Thanks for looking!