Online SUP Resource: Learn 2 Paddle Board

Our friends at Red Paddle Company developed Learn 2 Paddle Board to help SUPers worldwide learn this great paddle sport…

learn to paddle board

Red Paddle Co is the world’s leading inflatable stand-up paddle board brand. They developed the Learn 2 Paddle Board website ( as a resource center to help people find local SUP schools:

“We have designed the site to make finding a SUP school as easy as possible. Simply enter your location on the home page (or choose a different location), select your search radius and we will show the SUP schools near you!

“Yes, it's really as easy as that! If you would then like to get in contact, click enquire and it will send the school an email. Alternatively, you can use the links to head to their website or call them directly.”

Find a SUP School

You can simply enter your city and search radius right on the home page:

learn 2 paddle board sign-up

Or click Find a School on the main menu, and it’ll take you to the Countries page. There you’ll find links to SUP schools in countries all over the world. They’ll continue to add schools as they learn of them.

Once paddlers use a recommended school, they’re encouraged to leave a review so others can hear about their experience.

Get Helpful Info about Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Also on Learn 2 Paddle Board’s main menu are how-to pages like:

  • What is SUP?
  • What to Expect
  • What to Wear…and more key advice for SUP newbies

They also include the page: What board should I buy? People use SUP boards in more ways than you’d think. This page gives an overview of several types of SUPing, along with links to more details about each type. They even cover whether to buy your board new or used.

If you’ve always wanted to try this popular paddle sport, this is a great resource to get you going. Or if you’ve been paddle boarding for awhile now but want to vamp-up your skills, you’ll be able to find the nearest SUP school easily.

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