ProStaffer of the Month: Dee Kaminski

Meet Dee Kaminski, Aqua-Bound ProStaffer of the Month for December 2017. Dee owns Florida-based Reel Kayak Fishing Charters, and keeps busy volunteering for a host of fishing-related causes…

aqau-bound prostaffer dee daminski

AB: A little background: How did you get started in kayak fishing? What do you love about it?

DEE: I’ve fished all my life: shore/wade fishing or out of a boat. I’ve been kayak fishing since 2006. When I moved to Florida, I contemplated getting a boat or a Gheenoe (a canoe/boat hybrid), but decided a kayak was best for my all-around purposes. I became a kayak fishing guide by trade a year later because of my passion for fishing.

I love kayak fishing because it’s serene, almost "zen like.” There aren’t any motor noises. Because of that, I can get up really close to my prey without spooking them out. Kayaks are light, offer more places to launch and fish, and require little or no maintenance.

You don’t get to inhale the nature and beauty in the same manner running from location to location in a boat.

I love sight fishing for saltwater inshore species like redfish, black drum, snook, flounder and sea trout. When you see a school of hundreds of redfish that look like a copper carpet, you lose your breath and your heart starts to pound.

And when you get one of your clients to hookup on one of these bull redfish, there’s nothing more thrilling than seeing them being taken on what we call a “Florida sleigh ride.”

AB: How do you like to give back to the fishing community?

DEE: I love to share my wealth of knowledge with the kayak fishing community by giving seminars in local kayak stores, and am part of the faculty of a traveling fishing seminar series.

I write informational articles that have been published in multiple kayak fishing magazines, both online and in print.  

I also volunteer my time with Anglers for Conservation. They’re a non-profit organization that introduces and inspires young stewards through education, conservation and community outreach. They have programs like Hook Kids on Fishing to help introduce kids to fishing, hold events for conservation awareness and cleanup days on our roadways.

dee kaminski with a young kayaker

I also love to volunteer and support many veteran groups like Heroes on the Water and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing through fishing events.

AB: How are you involved in your local fishing scene?

DEE: I am very active both at home and through traveling seminars. The size of my local scene is actually very wide—crossing states. I am on the water almost daily with friends and clients.

AB: Is there a local Aqua-Bound dealer you help out?

DEE: Yes! I work with Kayaks By Bo mostly. They’re a small outfitter in Titusville, Florida. Through my guide service, I’m able to introduce clients to Aqua-Bound paddles and send them over to KBB to purchase their favorite model.

AB: How do you introduce new anglers to kayak fishing?

DEE: As a kayak fishing guide, I have many new anglers join me in a full day of kayaking and learning how to fish. That includes, as mentioned previously, introducing youth and teens in Hook Kids on Fishing programs.

AB: Are there any conservation efforts you’re involved with?

DEE: I’m part of the volunteer program through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. I take water samples and submit information for their water quality testing. It helps them keep track of any red tide and brown tide growth in our waterways which may potentially kill off our marine habitat.

aqua-bound prostaffer dee kaminski

If you live near Florida—or the next time you visit—be sure to look Dee up at Reel Kayak Fishing Charters. Stop by her Facebook page and say hi.

(All photos courtesy of Dee Kaminski)

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