The Staying Power of SUP

If you're an outdoors lover, you'll be hard pressed to find many things more glorious than taking in nature's beauty while standing on a SUP board…

standup paddleboarder

Most consumer-driven sporting industries need to satisfy a few basic requirements to be successful:

The Activity Needs to be Fairly Easy

Team sports might be fairly simple to play, but not so much if you’re by yourself! And while becoming a marathon runner don’t require teammates, it requires an extreme amount of dedication—not easy.

The Activity Needs to be Accessible

The less prep and travel time needed to initiate or get to the activity, the greater the chances of people doing it. The cost of the activity is also a factor—the higher the cost, the less accessible it is to more people.

The Activity Needs to Provide Value

Value comes in many different packages: enjoyment, exercise, mental health, physical health, emotional release, relationship building, or escape from routine. The more value an activity has, the more people are likely to want to do it.

SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) Meets These Requirements!

  1. IT'S EASY TO LEARN—Watch a few videos, take a class, ask a friend to teach you. While challenging water conditions (like ocean waves and currents) take much more skill, getting started is easy. You’ll be paddling yourself around flat water in no time.
  2. IT'S ACCESSIBLE—Most people can find a body of water for a SUP adventure. Because of its popularity many classes are available, too. Check with your local paddle sports retailer, DNR, community education, and parks. And you can almost always find rental equipment to start off with until you’re ready to invest money yourself.
  3. IT PROVIDES VALUE—Value is very personal. Do you value simple enjoyment and getting away? The whole-health benefits you can get from paddling? Whatever it is, SUP probably offers it!

standup paddleboarder with his dog

Many people enjoy the low-impact fitness benefits SUP provides. It works all your paddling muscles, along with your core and legs.

There are also a growing number of yoga enthusiasts who are take their workouts to the next level by using their SUP boards.

SUP outings can be enjoyed as a family—whether everyone has their own board or you take your little riders with you. SUPing with your dog can be fun, too, if he’ll stay on the board!

It’s no wonder SUP has taken the paddling industry by storm with no signs of letting up.

Give SUP a try and let us know why you like it. We’d love to hear from you!

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