Top 11 Reasons to go Paddling

Our friends at Rapid Media posted these 11 top reasons to go paddling. We wanted to share them with you, too (with the Aqua-Bound twist)…

reasons to paddle

1. Paddling Makes You Healthier

An active lifestyle is one of the best ways to beat obesity and illness. Paddling is a super way to take get outside, work your body, free your mind and have fun.  

2. Paddling Increases Productivity

Imagine how much more productive you could be after a quick lunchtime spin on the water! Relax your tension and get your creative juices flowing again by moving your muscles. It works!

3. Paddling Helps Keep You Sane

No matter how crazy your day, spending time on the water helps reduce stress levels. The simple act of gliding across the water can be the perfect meditation to find inner peace.

4. Paddling Builds Community

In a time when our society seems to foster isolation and division, paddling connects us with people. Whether with new friends or old, having an activity like paddling in common fosters community.

5. Paddling Connects Us with Nature

Author Richard Louv speaks of rampant nature deficit in contemporary life. Connecting with nature isn't just for us—it gives us more reasons to care about protecting the environment.

paddleboarder in the mountians

6. Paddling Keep Your Friends Out of Trouble

Who knows what your paddling buddies might be up to without you?! Your wise judgment and risk management skills are imperative to prevent further YouTube disasters. :)

7. Paddling Helps You Escape

Sometimes you just need to get out of Dodge for awhile.

8. Paddling Helps You Keep an Eye on Things

Wondering what’s going on with that condo development by the waterfront? Curious about local yacht traffic? That new osprey nest? Paddling gives us a perspective on what’s happening in the neighborhood we can’t get from our streets and yards.

9. Paddling Keeps Your Gear in Good Working Order

With all the time, effort and money we put into acquiring just the right paddling gear, it’d be a waste not to use it, right?

10. Paddling Keeps Your Boat from Feeling Lonely

If in doubt, anthropomorphise! That’s right, your kayak or board feels lonely because you haven’t taken it out in days. It needs some love!

11. Paddling Gives You New Perspectives

Paddling can let us see from a completely new perspective. That can be new perspectives on physical places, and also deeper insight into ourselves and others.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and paddle!

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