Why We Don’t Sell to Amazon

With the rapid growth of ecommerce, it is now possible to buy almost any product online. You can buy an actual tank, a UFO detector, real life ladybugs, even belly button lint! Yes, belly button lint! Gross! The world’s largest online store, Amazon, carries millions of products. So why doesn’t Aqua-Bound sell to Amazon? We depend on the hundreds of brink and mortar stores which sell our paddles. Ranging all the way from small mom and pop businesses to big box stores, these dealers offer goods and services to paddling enthusiasts everywhere. These businesses struggle to compete with Amazon’s pricing on many of their products. If Aqua-Bound sold to Amazon, we’re be undercutting those valuable dealers and selling out to make the quickest buck. If you go to Amazon right now, you’ll find our paddles there. But the sale is not coming from us, as that would cut out our dealers. Rather our product is coming from one of our dealers using the Amazon marketplace to reach consumers. The end-sale is guaranteed back to the specialty retailer. Hurting the dealers which sell Aqua-Bound paddles would also hurt the consumer. An in-store shopping experience is incredibly beneficial to paddle buyers. Paddles can be physically held, allowing customers to easily find the right paddle for them. Store employees are knowledgeable about the products that are carried, and are always available to answer questions. Local shops can educate paddlers, service their equipment, and help them build a community of fellow paddlers. If Aqua-Bound sold paddles primarily through Amazon, the consumer would lose all of the benefits a brick and mortar store provides. Here at Aqua-Bound, we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have with our dealers and the quality products we provide to our customers. We wish to maintain and develop these positive relationships and continue providing customers with the best paddles and the best service possible. It is for these reasons that we do not sell to Amazon.