Sea Kayaking in the Fjords of Norway

sea kayaking norway

The coasts of Norway are inundated with fjords. More than a thousand of them carve their way inland from the sea for several miles. These picturesque waterways, many surrounded by steep mountainsides and dotted with charming villages, are prime sea kayaking destinations.

Fjords near Aurland

Aurland, Norway (the pin on the map below) is many miles inland, on the shore of Aurlandsfjorden. Aurlandsfjord is just a small section of the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, the Sognefjord (the long fjord above the pin).

map of bergen and aurland
(map courtesy of iMaps)

Another branch of the Sognefjord that’s nearby is Nærøyfjord. Both fjords are beautiful for kayaking, with easy access and kayak rentals at several of the local villages, including Aurland, Flåm, Gudvangen and Undredal.

Steep mountains rise thousands of feet high out of the sea and high waterfalls tumble down.

kayaking norway's fjords

Kayaking near Bergen

Bergen (by the arrow on the map) is the the second-largest city in Norway, after Oslo. Closer to the coast, the sea kayaking opportunities there include Byfjorden in the city of Bergen, Milde near the Botanical Garden, and among hundreds of islands in the Sotra area.

Tomasz says:

“The fjords in western Norway are scenic and usually more friendly for less experienced kayakers. The coastal region around Sotra and Øygarden is more interesting for experienced kayakers who want to do multi-day trips in challenging sea conditions.”

Combine a Kayaking Trip with Hiking for a Top-Down View, Too

There are fabulous hikes sprinkled around these areas. If you want to get a top-down view of the fjords and the surrounding terrain, include a couple on-foot excursions in your plans. Several trails bring you to mountaintops for stunning overlooks.

kayaker in norway

When to Plan Your Trip

Tomasz shares that:

“Both Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord are usually crowded in the summer season…Late spring or early fall is less crowded and usually the best time to visit these fjords with a kayak. During the winter months, the sun is low and only shines on the mountain peaks. The fjord is usually calm during winter and there is little traffic, but the water temperatures are low, and there may be ice in Nærøyfjord near Gudvangen.”

Norway is a world-class sea kayaking destination. You can’t go wrong starting in these areas near Aurland and Bergen!

kayak resting in a fjord

(Thank you to Tomasz Furmanek for his photos and information!)

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