Why Kayaking, Canoeing and SUP are Great for the Whole Family

mom and daughter kayaking together

We’re getting tons of calls from parents who want to know how to get their whole family on the water. Their kids are going stir crazy with online school and no regular activities in these COVID-19 times.

We’re thrilled to be getting these calls because we think paddling is one of the best things your family can do together!

Here’s why:

Kayaking, Canoeing and Stand-up Paddle Boarding are for All Ages

Whether your kids are young and you do the paddling, or your kids are older and can paddle on their own, paddle sports are for all ages.

And it’s not limited to your and your kids. Invite Grandma and Grandpa along, too! Paddling is a low-impact activity that’s a great health-booster. It can be as relaxed or intense as you like, depending on the day, the location and your goals.

Even young kids can easily paddle in the front of your canoe or, in safe waters, paddle a small kayak on their own. A very young child or two can sit on the front of your SUP board and go along for the ride.

little boy kayaking
A tandem kayak is a super way to get younger kids paddling with you (photo courtesy of Osprey Bay Outdoors)

Paddling is Great Exercise

As we already mentioned, all the paddle sports are great exercise. Combine it with other water activities like swimming, and your kids can be happily active on the water for hours on a hot summer day.

What a great solution for stir-crazy kids!

Paddling is a Lifelong Sport

When you expose your kids to kayaking, canoeing, packrafting or SUP when they’re young, they’re very likely to continue doing these activities when they get older. In fact, once your family has adopted paddling as a favorite activity, you can have tons of family adventures for years to come.

Before you know it you’ll be paddling with them as teenagers, young adults and then with your grandchildren.

What a super way to stay healthy and to stay connected as a family.

tots in packraft

(photo courtesy of @packrafteurope)

Paddling is Fun!

There’s something about kids and water that’s magical. Kids who learn how to swim and are able to be around water regularly are very fortunate. Add in paddle sports and it’s even better.

If you want to throw something else fun in there, take up fishing from your canoe, kayak, SUP board or packraft.

The only limit for fun is your family’s imagination.

You Can Purchase or Rent Equipment

Don’t know where to start in choosing your paddle gear? A great place to begin is to find a local retailer or outfitter that rents equipment. They’ll all have their coronavirus guidelines in place by now. They know equipment and can help get you and your family fitted out.

Try out various types of watercraft and paddles to see what suits you best. Then you’ll be ready to make your purchase.

Happy paddling!

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