Chantal Clarke SUP AB.
Chantal Clarke
Current city
Robina, Australia
Favorite paddle
Freedom85 4pc
Aqua-Bound's influence extends south to the Land Down Under, where one of newest recruits is Chantal Clarke.

Owner of SUP Wilderness Adventures ( - the world's largest operator and distributor of stand up paddleboard adventure tours and expeditions - Chantal started paddling canoes at the tender age of 5, before getting hooked on paddleboards in 2013.

These days, most of Chantal's paddling is recreational coastal touring, swift water river adventures or the exploration of rapids and caves by SUP. Each month, she's in another country, breaking-in new waterways and introducing SUP-virgins to the sport. (Her oldest recruit? A 78 year-young woman who took on one of Vanuatu's jungle rivers and won!)

Although most people opt for lighter-weight fibreglass paddles, Chantal's travels tend to take her to remote jungle locations without roads or cell phone coverage. As she says' "...if your paddle and board aren't tough and reliable, then you'll soon find yourself in a whole bunch of strife!'

Chantal chose Aqua-Bound's ultra-durable 4-piece Freedom-85 SUP paddle; a model that is compact enough to travel safely in her board-bag, yet strong enough to take any kind of rough treatment the rapids dish out.

What's in store for Chantal in 2019? NZ, Lombok, Komodo, the Solomon Islands, Galapagos Islands, Vanuatu, Bora Bora, Laos, Croatia, Viet Nam, the Philippines and her local stomping ground: Australia.

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