Director of Business Development & Founder
Dale Kicker
North St. Paul, MN
Current city
Somerset, WI
Favorite fishing spot
Boundary Waters, Minnesota
I started paddling when I was three years old with my Dad. He had built a wood canvas canoe from the ground up; the family canoe. We were doing something outside all year round: camping, canoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and XC skiing. Making your own gear was the thing to do in 1960 and 1970. In the late seventies, I started paddling white water and needed a more durable paddle. From there, Bending Branches was born into life and in 2008, Aqua-Bound became a part of the Branches family. Since founding the company, I have continued to work on amazing paddles that can bring the same sense of adventure that I had when I was younger.
Director of Business Development & Founder