Dan (TexasDan)
Tyler, Texas
Current city
Valrico, Florida
Favorite paddle
Surge Carbon Kayak Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
South Shore, Tampa Bay
Daniel grew up in the small East Texas town of Brownsboro. It was there that he began his fishing adventure with his father. Together they would run trout lines and fish for bass in Lake Palestine and Lake Tyler. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, it was obvious that Daniel was destined to life in the great outdoors. In 2003 Daniel received a great job opportunity to move with his wife and two kids to Tampa, FL. This is where he was introduced to the salt life. During his first few years in Florida, Daniel was able to fish with friends and neighbors. Although grateful to get on the water, this just left him wanting more. Daniel thought that kayak fishing would be the perfect outlet in which to get the most organic saltwater fishing experience. Kayak fishing in Florida has opened up the door to endless fishing opportunities. What started out as a means to access hard to reach hot spots has quickly turned into an addiction. Daniel is a light tackle artificial lure angler of saltwater fishing. Species that he targets include snook, redfish, sea trout, and flounder. Since buying his first kayak in 2008, Daniel has successfully fished many tournaments with top place finishes. Over the past few years, he has gained experience and knowledge of this fast growing sport. His preferred method of fishing is out of a kayak which he uses an Aquabound Surge Carbon Paddle. Kayak fishing has introduced him to many great friends that share the same passion. As his kids grow, he hopes to share the same passion of fishing with them as his father did with him.
3rd Place - Capt. Mel Classic (2016)
4st Place - HardCore Kayak Tournament Series Championship (2015)
3rd Place - HardCore Kayak Tournament Series #6 (2015)
2nd Place RedFish - HardCore “Bishops Harbor” Tournament (2015)
1st Place Snook - HardCore Kayak Tournament Series #3 (2015)
4th Place - HardCore Kayak Tournament Series #3 (2015)
3rd Place – Trophy Takers Outdoor Tournament (2015)
1st Place Flounder - Capt. Mel Classic (2015)
1st Place Trout – Battle of the Bay Slam Tournament (2014)
3rd Place - HardCore MADBITE Slam Tournament (2014)
4th Place - 321Fish HardCore Spring Slam Tournament (2014)
1st Place - HardCore Aqua Dream Living Tournament (2013)
1st Place - 321Fish HardCore March Madness Tournament (2013)
3rd Place - Paddle Fishing "Mystery Lure Challenge" (2013)
1st Place Snook - HardCore Kayak Series (2012)
2nd Place - Capt.Mel October Trout Tournament (2012)
4th Place - Kayak Fishing Classics "Southern Redfish Classic" (2012)
1st Place - 321Fish SWFKAA Tournament (2012)
2nd Place- Capt.Mel July Trout Tournament (2012)
5th Place Florida Sportman (2012)
1st Place Trout - Capt. Mel Classic (2012)
3rd Place Flounder - Paddle Fishing "The Tackle Box" (2012)
4th Place - Kayak Fishing Classics "Old Tampa Bay" (2012)
3rd Place - Kayak Fishing Classics "National Championship" (2011)
4th Place - Kayak Fishing Classics "Fillman Bayou" (2011)
1st Place RedFish - Kayak Fishing Classics Series (2011)
3rd Place - 321Fish Online Tournament (2011)
2nd Place RedFish - HardCore Kayak Series (2010)
1st Place RedFish - HardCore Kayak Series (2009)
2nd Place RedFish - Paddle Fishing "Dynamic Duo" (2009)

Pro-Staff / Fishing Teams:
Feelfree Kayaks Pro-Staff
Riptide Lures Pro-Staff
Aqua Bound Pro-Staff
FINS Pro-Staff
13Fishing Rods VIP
Yak-Gear Brand Ambassador
Railblaza Brand Ambassador
HardCore Kayak Club Tournament Director