Emily Carlson
Emily Carlson
Osceola, WI
Current city
Osceola, WI
Favorite paddle
Favorite paddling spot
Birch Lake in Barnes, WI
At the beginning of my senior year of high school, I started as a part time intern at Branches when my amazing mentor, Missy, (who may or may not have a bio up at this point), agreed to squeeze another desk into the already crammed accounting office. After my graduation from high school this May, I started working at Branches as a full time intern until I head off to college in the fall. I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a Direct Admit into the Wisconsin School of Business and majoring in Operations and Technology Management with a specialization in Supply Chain Management. On Wisconsin! (Sorry not sorry Kristina) I have enjoyed the outdoors and paddling all of my life. I spend numerous weekends at my cabin in Barnes, Wisconsin where I love to fish, canoe, and stand-up paddle board. In addition to being outside, I enjoy playing and watching sports, baking, and golfing. I have learned so much in my time here so far and I am very thankful to be a part of the Branches family!

Likes: All things Wisconsin (Badgers, Jumping Around, Packers, Brewers, cheese), basketball, Cherry Berry froyo, and J.J. Watt.

Dislikes: the “boing” noise that comes from Steve Swanson’s computer on an hourly basis, spiders, mismatched socks, and the fact that I don’t understand why everyone here is so hung up on ranch dressing…
Accounting Intern