5 Stand-Up Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

If you know someone who’s been bitten by the paddleboarding bug, or if you know someone who could use ideas on what to get you, here are five solid suggestions: 1. SUP Buddy Suction Cup Beverage Holder. The perfect accessory for your SUP board. Available for $27.95 through the manufacturer at: http://supbuddy.goodsie.com/supbuddy. 2. Camelbak Tahoe LR Lumbar Pack. At 305 cubic inches, the 9.8-ounce waist-mounted Tahoe sports pack is lightweight and ideal for stand-up paddleboarding and other upper-body-intensive activities. Includes a 1.5-liter reservoir for fluids. Available for $70 through the manufacturer at: http://shop.camelbak.com/tahoe-lr-/d/1317_cl_4671 3. Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package. Improve your core balance training and core stability training on a unique balancing device used by professional athletes worldwide. Available for $189.95 through the manufacturer at http://indoboard.com/original-natural-pack. 4. Aqua-Bound Lyric 2-piece Stand-up Paddle. A paddle designed just for women with a smaller blade, shorter shaft and lighter overall weight (23.5 ounces) than a standard SUP. For high cadence paddling. To find a dealer near you, go to: https://aquabound.com/locator. 5. Lifetime investment: Pau Hana Big EZ Bamboo Stand-up Paddleboard. The Big EZ Bamboo is a pure all-around recreational board designed with the whole family in mind and enjoyable for anyone at any skill level. It is a true representation of the "EZ" lifestyle. Priced at $1,299.95 at LL Bean: http://goo.gl/JWTqeq.