Número Uno!!!

Firstly a massive thankyou to Andrew and the rest of the Aqua-Bound team for taking me on as one of their ProStaff paddlers! My Carbon Edge canoe paddles arrived via FedEx direct to my door here in the UK, within a few hours they were trimmed up to size, had their Tgrips glueing and reflective tape stuck around the shafts! I couldn't resist taking one out for a spin so ran to the garage and dragged out my Flat-water Slalom C1 and took a jog over to the Canal which is 100m from my door, First thoughts... Solid construction, great catch, slices well on recovery and a good amount of feedback from the paddle! I was really impressed by the lack of flex in the blade, Aqua-Bounds Carbon ABX blade has managed to get a perfect balance between the stiffness of Carbon and the durability of ABS! It was 2 more days until I could get my blades on some real moving water! This time it was an hours drive to the formidable 2012 London Olympic Slalom course at the LeeValley whitewater centre, the course is 300m of continuous high volume G4... It's my go to spot for the UK summer draughts that plague Britain's Whitewater paddlers! Again the blade preformed brilliantly, great feel and response, good catch on power strokes in some very confused water! All in I'm very impressed, massively proud to be a team paddler and extremely excited to get to take my AB's with me to explore some truly amazing rivers!! Mat Howes.