Mississippi River Smallmouth Bass
Ivan Bartha
Haslett, Michigan
Current city
Favorite paddle
AquaBound Shred
Favorite fishing spot
Come fish with me and I will show you!
Favorite paddling spot
Kettle River, St. Louis River, Mississippi River - All in Minnesota!
Growing up in Michigan, Ivan started on the water pretty early. Some of his first canoe trips were with a summer camp that paved the way for a career in outdoor education & leadership. Today, Ivan enjoys being on the water regardless of what or where he is paddling. He paddled a good portion of his life without any formal instruction, but read every book & magazine he could get his hands on. It was not until he went to school at Northern Michigan University that Ivan took his first ACA course in 1993. While Ivan likes a good adventure as much as anyone, his favorite paddling is in the Midwest because of the spectrum of paddling available. Since becoming an ACA instructor, Ivan has taken advantage of many opportunities to help new paddlers get a good start, promote paddlesports, and help keep people safe out on the water. Ivan says, "In reality, I have been lucky as a professional outdoor educator which is largely due to the people who have taken the time to help me be a better paddler and instructor. There is no way I can take any credit without thanking the IT's & ITE's who have taken me on as a student, assistant or co-instructor.” Most recently, Ivan was a presenter and attendee at the International Sea Kayak Educators Symposium (2015 & 2018), International Guest Lecturer for Zhejiang University teaching the first academic, multi-discipline paddlesports course in China and as an outdoor training and leadership consultant in the United States & Southeast Asia.

Providing the highest level of paddlesports instruction and education in the Midwest has been the focus of his work over the last few years. "I love traveling, but always am grateful to return to the cattails, red-wing blackbirds and magic of the Midwest waterways."
American Canoe Association
L3 River Canoe Instructor (tandem & solo)
L4 River Kayak Instructor
L3 Coastal Kayak Instructor
L1 SUP Instructor
L2 Canoe River & Touring Instructor Trainer
L2 Kayak River & Touring Instructor Trainer
Leave No Trace Master Educator
Emergency Medical Training Center - ECSI & ASHI