Andrew and his bodyguard
Jared Cutts
Osceola, WI
Current city
St. Paul, MN
Favorite paddle
Sting Ray Carbon
In the Fall of 2014 the benevolent King of Marketing, Andrew Stern, took me under his wing. I was a senior in high school who had an interest in business and a love for canoeing and kayaking. My father first took me up to the Boundary Waters when I was six years old, and I haven't missed an annual trip with him since. Under Andrew's leadership I became familiar with the operations of Aqua-Bound and the Marketing Department, as well as being Andrew's personal office body guard. I currently am studying Operations Management at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, and when I am not at school or work you can find me paddling a local river, playing basketball, or in the garage working on cars. I am grateful for becoming a member of the Bending Branches family and for having the opportunity to work in the Marketing Department during my breaks from school.

Likes: Andrew Stern, Cars, Basketball

Dislikes: People who dislike Andrew Stern, Black Olives, Printers
Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006
Marketing Intern