John Gibson Striped Bass
John Gibson
Athabasca, Alberta
Current city
Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia
Favorite paddle
Aquabound Surge Carbon
Favorite fishing spot
Atlantic Ocean
Favorite paddling spot
Atlantic Ocean
I work only so I can keep fishing.
I've been a paddler since the age of 8, and a fisherman for just as long. It took me about 20 years to realize to putt both Kayaking and Fishing together (I never said I was smart), but it was well worth the wait.
As the owner of Canadian kayak anglers ( I'm very proud to promote the Sport/Hobby/obsession of Kayak fishing across the amazing Country I live in.
I have had the opportunity to meet and fish with so many interesting and amazing individuals because my connection to this community.
Adventure on the water Pro-Staff
Scotty Plastics Pro-Staff

3rd place - 2013 Paddlers Derby
2nd place - 2014 Paddlers Derby
2nd place - 2015 Paddlers Derby