Mellerud, Sweden
Current city
Mellerud, Sweden
Favorite paddle
Whiskey Carbon
Favorite paddling spot
Great Lake Vänern in Sweden
I was born to be on the sea. I grew up in the Swedish countryside with a lot of trees around, but I spent most of my free time in a canoe. At 15, I went to sea to work and eleven years later I was a Captain in the merchant marine. 20 years ago I quit the seaman's life because I was tired of being away from my family for months and got a job as a ship pilot on the Great Lake Vänern in Sweden. About the same time I discovered kayaking!

After a few years without any instructions, I slowly got the hang of it and when I finally got some great instructors my kayaking improved a lot. I did my first roll on a NOLS kayak expedition in Alaska and that was like a boost for me. I try to do a longer expedition at least once every year. Alaska, Greenland, Norway, and Croatia are some of the places I've been to. Alaska and Greenland are very close to my heart.

I lead groups on expeditions today and hold classes in paddling technique and rolling, but I find that there are a lot of more accomplished paddlers out there that I humbly learn a lot from.
Master Mariner
Wilderness First Responder
Sea kayaker