Katelyn Gman
Katelyn Gman
Piscataway, NJ
Current city
Piscataway, NJ
Favorite paddle
Hammerhead Kids Whitewater Kayak Paddle
I started paddling at 7 years old and I haven’t stopped having fun since. Together my father and I enjoyed exploring whitewater rivers in NJ, Pa, NY, WV and Ottawa. Its exciting at age 12 getting on my first class 4 rivers including the Dryway, (Mass), Lower Gauley (WV), Beaver (NY) and the Gatineau, Canada. The most challenging rapid I’ve done is the Great White Slide on the Beaver. I paddle almost every week of the year and its easy to get good when you paddle that much. In the winter/spring I usually paddle 20-25 pool sessions. I creek and playboat as soon as its warm enough. In August, September and October I slalom race in the Penn Cup Slalom in Pa. I’m only off the rivers December through February, but then I enjoy the other whitewater, snowboarding! During all of this I play Zelda video games on the long drives to the river.

Favorite Paddling Spot: Lower Yough, Scudders Play hole, NJ
Lehigh Valley Young Paddler of the year 2014
Whitewater Riders MKC Camp 2014
3rd place Penn Cup Slalom Series 2013 (age 11)
Age 10 Kayaked and c1’d 17 days though the grand canyon.
My first AB paddle was shipped to the grand canyon and hiked down to me at Phantom Ranch. I have loved that paddle since the first day in the grand canyon.