Bergen/Sotra, Norway
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The North Sea exposed Norwegian coastline
After 21 years working as a scientist at the University of Bergen, Norway, Laila Reigstad now works fulltime with kayaking.
Her base is among the small islands and islets at Sotra, west of Bergen on the Norwegian West Coast.
Reigstad teaches beginner and intermediate padling courses year around.
Every week 20 padlers attend her two padling carousels enjoying 4 mid-week hours of padling featuring all from open ocean padling, and fishing from the kayak, to baking cinnamon rolls on an islet, padling in the pitch black winter evenings, and rescue training in waves.
In winther you find her padling with orcas and humpbacks in Northern Norway, and in summer among icebergs in Greenland, where she hosts 10-days padling expeditions with the main ingredients being kayak, tent, local food, hikingboots and swimsuit!
Reigstad is certified as a padling instructor by the Norwegian Padling Accociation by 2016.
She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and PostDoc in Environmental Microbiology, and have led several research groups within Microbiology and Geobiology.
Host of the kayakfestival "Havgapet Padlefestival" in Sotra in May, together with Lundhaug Adventures.

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