The Posi-Lok™ Ferrule System

A ferrule system is the mechanism which connects the left and right halves of a 2-piece kayak paddle. Its purpose is to allow a 2-piece paddle to function as a 1-piece paddle, allow blade feathering functionality, and to provide break-down capability for transport.

Finally. A ferrule system that pushes all the right buttons.

Licensed Ferrule US Patent No. 6,881,111


A ferrule system can be highly functional and intuitive, like the Posi-Lok ferrule. Or, it can be simple and straightforward, like the snap-button ferrule.


Our research was simply about listening. We took the time to ask our customers to describe the perfect ferrule system. The feedback was powerful. We heard things like: must be simple, intuitive, lightweight, durable, tight-fitting, low-profile, strong, salt-water friendly, easy to adjust. Overall, it’s just got to feel right. Every word and piece of information drove our product development process.


Then it was time to take that feedback and design the ultimate ferrule. Concept 1, concept 2, concept 5, concept 15…you get the point…Rome wasn’t built in a day. Each concept would have most of the features our customers needed, but not all of them. Every concept pushed us one step closer to the final product we were striving for and dreaming of. Then one day it came to us…this is what we’ve been waiting for…the Posi-Lok ferrule system.


Once we had the design, it was time to challenge every single aspect of this ferrule system. Both internal and external customers took the Posi-Lok ferrule to the extremes. We tested everything: strength, durability, rotational-ability, UV exposure, tightness, torque, wear-and-tear, salt-water exposure, and more. You name it, we’ve likely tested it. We wanted to make sure it was the ultimate ferrule system, for every customer and any circumstance.


Simple/Intuitive. Unlike some ferrules you’ve used in the past or are currently using, the Posi-Lok is extremely easy to understand and use. There are no gadgets or mechanics to learn. Hit the two buttons and “click”, it’s that simple.

The Click. The Posi-Lok ferrule clicks firmly and unmistakably into place, reassuring the paddler it’s ready for use and building complete confidence in this ferrule.

Strength/Durability. Made of fiberglass composite, the Posi-Lok ferrule is 42 percent stronger than plastic ferrules. The resilience of this ferrule is strong enough that you’ll never worry about putting your weight on the paddle again.

Tight fit. No wear, wiggle, or movement in this ferrule system at all.

No metal parts. Metal parts corrode when exposed to extensive amounts of salt water. With no metal part, the Posi-Lok ferrule is friendly to all of the world’s waters.

The Feel. Once you get a paddle in your hands with this ferrule, the overall feel is amazing…durable, tight, seamless design…There is compliance, so the forces are instantly transferred to you, the paddler.

Smooth and easy adjustability. Easy to adjust the feather angle on the fly. External ferrule. No hard-to-reach sand or debris collecting inside your paddle shaft, meaning less maintenance.

Dual-button release. Locks the ferrule securely: hitting one of the buttons on your kayak won’t disengage the Posi-Lok ferrule.

Multiple feathering positions. 0, 15, 30, 45, and 60 degree right and left hand control, so you can tailor the paddle to the paddlers many needs.


The absolute last thing a paddler should worry about when enjoying the water is the paddle's ferrule system. The Posi-Lok ferrule is here to provide that service. Every component makes the kayaking experience more worry-free and enjoyable. With quality, long-lasting materials and Aqua-Bound’s history of performance innovation, we guarantee your satisfaction.


Aqua-Bound® Paddles with the Posi-Lok ferrule include:

Look for the Posi-Lok ferrule on more models coming soon.

Licensed Ferrule US Patent No. 6,881,111