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by Aqua-Bound on 01/14/2020

Join kayak expert Ken Whiting as he shows us how to safely launch and land your kayak in a surf zone…

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by Aqua-Bound on 01/08/2020

The folks at MST Adventures love taking their guests on paddle trips on their local New Mexico rivers. Here’s their story…

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Lofoten, Norway, will provide the perfect environment for a sea kayaker.

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by Aqua-Bound on 12/31/2019

Aqua-Bound customer, Thomas Chekouras, has developed his love for kayaking rather uniquely. He tells us his story of how kayaking has changed his life…

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by Aqua-Bound on 12/24/2019

Spending any time in Sweden is a good idea. Arriving the week of Midsommar and putting my boat in the water 18 days out of the next 24? A dream trip!

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by Aqua-Bound on 12/17/2019

Beth Poliquin has guided kayakers in the tropics of Hawaii, and now lives and works along the rugged north shore of Lake Superior. The differences she cites may surprise you…

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by Aqua-Bound on 12/10/2019

Aqua-Bound’s Operations Manager, Jason Eccles, gives us the scoop on how we develop our kayak and stand-up paddle shafts…

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by Nick Sander on 12/06/2019

Before I went to Santorini, I heard so many things. I had an expectation in my head of what it would be like.

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by Aqua-Bound on 12/03/2019

Life jacket use is important for everyone on the water, but especially for kids. These Paddle TV videos lay out the basics for keeping your little ones safe while kayaking…

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by Aqua-Bound on 11/26/2019

Join expert kayaker, Ken Whiting, as he takes us along to paddle our planet’s largest freshwater inland sea, Lake Superior…