The future of kayak paddle ferrules has arrived! The tight, strong, light, corrosion-free, easy-to-use Posi-Lok™ ferrule, available only on our Ray series paddles. Improve your paddling experience in a single, solid click.

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Aqua-Bound Paddles

Aqua-Bound is the world’s largest manufacturer of quality kayak, stand-up and canoe paddles. Built for touring, whitewater, paddle boarding and canoeing, Aqua-Bound paddles provide the highest level of performance in paddlesports today.

Kayak Paddles

Quality performance, touring, recreational, and kids kayak paddles.

Stand-Up Paddles

Durable, lightweight, stunning stand-up paddles. Fixed or adjustable length.

Whitewater Paddles

Exceptional whitewater paddles for hardcore paddling.

Kid's Paddles

How kayaking and whitewater fanatics get their start.