Our Most Popular Paddle Lineup

Sting Ray blade shape and size are ideal for low-angle, relaxed paddling strokes, sea kayakers and the pack and solo canoe paddler.

Narrower, with slightly less surface area than high-angle blades, the Sting Ray is designed with efficiency and ease in mind. Our best-selling model!

Sting Ray family best suits kayakers who:

  • Paddle long-distance trips, including sea kayakers
  • Prefer relaxed, general flatwater paddling
  • Solo and pack canoe

Manta Ray blade shape and size are ideal for high-angle, aggressive kayakers, packrafters, racers or anyone looking to move lots of water, fast.

Shorter and wider than low-angle paddles, the Manta Ray blades provide more speed and power with a design that catches water, propelling your kayak forward, faster - no matter the load.

Manta Ray Family best suits kayakers who:

  • Need to navigate faster or tighter paddling conditions
  • Regularly weigh down the kayak with gear, like packrafters
  • Like to paddle in surf and other unpredictable conditions


Adjustable Length Ferrule System

Simple Adjustments on the Fly



Custom blended nylon ferrule material with very high fiberglass content for strength


Pull apart to extend length

Push together to shorten length

Turn shaft to offset angle


Secure, tight connection with no wiggle, wobble or slip in locked position

Connect with Confidence

The Ray Series lineup of paddles offer three ferrule options that guarantee a secure connection.


Aqua Bound’s Versa-Lok™ ferrule system couples 15 cm of variable length and infinite feather angles with a simple, snug locking mechanism and durable, corrosion-proof carbon ferrule insert.

Available on Manta Ray Carbon, Manta Ray Hybrid, Sting Ray Carbon, and Sting Ray Hybrid models.

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Aqua Bound's Posi-Lok™ clicks firmly into place for a tight-fitting connection, offers infinite offset angles and a secure, dual-button release. Lightweight, corrosion-proof carbon ferrule insert.

Available on Manta Ray Carbon, Manta Ray Hybrid, Sting Ray Carbon, and Sting Ray Hybrid models.

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Snug, 3-hole snap-button system with a carbon ferrule insert for durability. Option to offset blades at 0 or 60 degrees, left and right hand control. Perfect for the recreational kayaker.

Available on Manta Ray Fiberglass and Sting Ray Fiberglass models.

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Aqua Bound's Ray Kayak Paddle Series FAQ

Durable, lightweight and affordable—the Ray Series kayak paddles by Aqua Bound represent some of the best values in the industry. We compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions on this series to help you decide what options are best for you.

Choosing a Ray Series Kayak Paddle from Aqua Bound

Choosing the right paddle doesn't have to be difficult. As paddle experts, we're here to help! Take a look at some product features to consider when choosing what Ray Series paddle fits your needs.

The Versa-Lok™ Ferrule System = Easy Versatility

Aqua Bounds' Versa-Lok™ adjustable ferrule system offers you the ultimate in kayak paddle versatility and usability. Whether you’re a recreational flatwater paddler, a seasoned touring kayaking, an avid packrafter—you’ll love this durable and easy-to-use ferrule.