Cosmetics Seconds FAQs

What does “Cosmetic Second” mean?

Our quality assurance department has extremely stringent standards when it comes to our products. A paddle identified to be “first” quality has no more than one minor cosmetic imperfection per blade. Ideally, there are no imperfections, and often this is the case. A Cosmetic Second paddle is allowed only 2-4 minor imperfections per blade. The shaft and all other components of the paddle are first quality. Rest assured, these blemishes are in appearance only and in no way affect the function or structural integrity of the paddle. Examples include (but are not limited to) minor scratches, resin bubbles or scuff marks caught by our quality team. 

Do I still get a warranty with my Cosmetic Second paddle?

Every Aqua Bound paddle is given the same warranty guarantee as the first quality paddles. We stand behind our products, no matter what price you pay.

How much are the Cosmetic Second paddles?

Our Cosmetic Second paddles are sold at a 20% discounted rate. Once you add the paddle to your cart, your discount will automatically be applied. It’s hard to find a better deal on an extremely high-quality paddle elsewhere!

Which patterns are available?

Cosmetic Second paddle options are the same as our first quality options, as those blades were originally intended for regular retail sale. The color options vary from time-to-time because Cosmetic Second blades are never produced in a predictable manner. We sometimes have a select number of discontinued patterns available for sale in Cosmetic Second fashion, depending on our current inventory position. Always check our website for the most up-to-date pattern availability. 

How do Cosmetic Second composite paddles compare to the Ray Series?

Our Cosmetic Seconds paddles are available only in our compression molded composite blades like our Tango, Whiskey, and Malta. The Ray Series is a plastic-bladed product, and does not utilize the compression molding process that occasionally results in the minor cosmetic imperfections. Cosmetically blemished composite blades offer a great opportunity to upgrade your paddling experience to our next-level paddles at a reduced cost. Built for lightweight, performance paddling, the Tango, Whiskey and Malta Cosmetic Seconds are structurally sound. The imperfections in the blades are minor; which means you have the chance to own our highest quality paddles without paying quite as much as you would for a first quality option. Whether you are hitting the ocean waves or taking a lap around the lake, the Cosmetic Seconds paddles are the perfect option when you’re ready to make the jump from our ever-popular Ray Series.

Are Cosmetic Seconds paddles also experiencing production delays?

Our operations team is prioritizing our dealer orders and helping them stock their shelves above everything else. Buying a Cosmetic Second paddle is a great way to jump the line when it comes to receiving your paddle. As an American-made-to-order manufacturer, we build every paddle from scratch. However, our Cosmetic Second blades have the advantage of already being built – meaning all you must do is place the order, and we can get started putting your paddle together immediately. Bottom line, you can get out on the water sooner with a Cosmetic Seconds paddle. No more waiting for fun on the water!

What do the cosmetic imperfections look like?

While it is not possible to give an exact look at each of our Cosmetic Seconds blades due to the variance in blemishes, we can give you a look below at what a cosmetic blemish might look like. For more information, check out our Cosmetic Seconds landing page.

 Fuego blade pattern with the blemish circled

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