Paddling Education

Sea Kayak Rockhopping in Norway
The rugged and beautiful Norwegian coast is ideal for “rockhopping” in sea kayaks. We asked Reidar Sether to tell us more about this adventurous paddling activity and why he loves it.
Don't Let These 7 Kayaking Mistakes Lead to Tragedy
Although kayaking is statistically an extremely safe sport, some kayaking mistakes can be serious. Here we look at seven that can lead to tragedy and how to protect yourself by keeping safety top-of-mind.
Kayak Spray Skirts: What Do You Need?
5-minute read + 18-minute videoSpray skirts are designed to keep water out of your sit-inside kayak. Who needs one and what type do you need? We answer those questions here. Spray skirts are essential for whitewater kayakers (photo courtesy of...
Why Use Your Own Kayak Paddle Even if You Rent Kayaks
Some avid kayakers are happy to rent kayaks instead of buying one themselves. If that’s you, it’s still a great idea to buy and use your own kayak paddle. Here’s why…
Bikerafting Adventure in the Yukon
Aqua Bound Ambassador Jessica Kelley embarks on her 1,400-mile bikerafting adventure in just a couple of weeks through part of Alaska and into Canada’s Yukon Territory.
Skirafting: Backcountry Ski & Packraft Adventures
Aqua Bound Ambassador Jeffrey Creamer is an avid ski rafter—combining the backcountry sports of ski touring and packrafting into one adventure. We asked him to tell us more about it.
Partner Spotlight: Uteguiden Kayak Tours in Sunnmøre, Norway
Uteguiden is northwestern Norway’s leading guide company for outdoor adventures of all kinds. This includes kayaking in some of their country’s most stunning fjords and coastal areas.
Epic New Zealand Packraft & Hike Trip
Where The Wild Rivers Flow is a film about Australian YouTuber Scott Williams’ 6-day, 130-kilometer packrafting and hiking trek through the South Island wilderness of New Zealand.
“Women of Whitewater” Inspires Girls and Women
Amanda Selsky is the author and illustrator of a new high-quality coloring book that celebrates women in whitewater paddling. Raft guides, whitewater kayakers, recreational paddlers and moms who row—all are represented in this fun and inspirational book!
Buy or Rent a Kayak: What’s Best for You?
So you’ve rented kayaks a few times and love your time on the water. Your next question is: Should I buy a kayak or keep renting? We can help you think that through…
Kayaking Source-to-Sea on the Mississippi River
Aqua Bound Ambassador Devin Brown will soon embark on a solo kayak trip she’s been dreaming about for many years—a source-to-sea journey on the Mississippi River. If she completes it, she’ll be the first black woman to kayak all 2,340 miles.
Packrafting in Swedish Lapland
Aqua Bound Ambassador Peter Tjärnlund frequently packrafts the rivers of Swedish Lapland. We asked him to tell us more about this remote and beautiful wilderness area and what it’s like to packraft there.
Sea Kayaking Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way
Lifelong kayaker (and Aqua Bound Ambassador) Ken Whiting and Paddle TV take us to the Republic of Ireland’s 1,600-mile-long Wild Atlantic Way for some adventurous sea kayaking and a taste of what The Emerald Isle has to offer.
Retailer Spotlight: Estero River Outfitters, Florida
Estero River Outfitters is Southwest Florida’s largest dealer of kayaks, paddle boards and canoes. It’s one of the only paddle shops where you can always try a boat or paddle before you buy by launching right off their dock on the Estero River.
Aerial Whitewater Kayak Paddle Reviews
We’re super stoked about our new Aerial whitewater kayak paddle family and how it’s being received in the whitewater world. We pulled together a few review videos we found on YouTube to help you make your paddle decision too.
Working Moms of Aqua Bound
The life of a mom who works full-time outside the home is a challenging one. What’s life like for some of the moms here at Aqua Bound? Read on as they tell you…
Sea Kayaking Wildlife Encounters
Aqua Bound Ambassador Rachel Bott is a sea kayak guide and coach in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Some of her favorite kayaking spots are the remote islands in her area where she often is treated with wildlife encounters.
Sea Kayaking the Coast of Northern Ireland
Aqua Bound Ambassador Ken Whiting takes us to Northern Ireland where he sea kayaks three unique locations along the coast. As always, he finds a couple of local experts to guide him for an immersive adventure.
Retailer Spotlight: Get Outdoors Pedal & Paddle
Get Outdoors Pedal & Paddle is a Greensboro, North Carolina paddlesports shop dedicated to education and conservation efforts, serving their customers and offering a variety of kayak trip opportunities. They’ve become one of the largest outdoor retailers in the Southeast.
Delicious Kayak Camping Recipes
When you kayak camp, you have some flexibility with food freshness and weight that you don’t in other outdoor adventures like backpacking and canoe camping with multiple portages.
St. Croix River Kayaking: Wildlife to See
Greg Seitz is an avid kayaker and dedicated supporter of the St Croix River that forms part of the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. He tells us why this river provides ideal wildlife habitat and what paddlers can expect to see on their journey downriver.