Frequently Asked Questions

We enjoy talking to passionate paddlers, and we want you to enjoy paddling as much as we do! If you have an issue with your paddle, we want to hear about it. Please e-mail us a photo and explain the issue as clearly as possible. We will quickly assess the situation and reply with instructions for next steps.

What is your warranty policy?

We build strong paddles and have one of the lowest breakage rates in the industry, but we know the unthinkable can happen. When it does, we honor all reasonable requests for repair or replacement.

Aqua Bound paddles are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years from date of purchase.

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability to start your claim. A customer service representative will review your case and respond shortly with an RA number for your reference. 

Paddles being returned for repair can be sent to:

ATTN: RA# (we will give you this)
812 Prospect Court
Osceola, WI 54020   

How do I return/exchange my paddle?

Please contact the retailer regarding their return policy. 

Please contact us at [email protected] . We won’t make you fill out any time consuming forms or jump through too many hoops. We simply want to chat with you to figure out the best solution going forward. To help speed up your request, please include a copy of your receipt and your reason for return within 30 days of purchase. Returns must be in unused condition and returned in their original packaging.

Please reference the Return Authorization (RA) number that we give you on the outside of the box as follows:

ATTN: RA# (we will give you this)
812 Prospect Court
Osceola, WI 54020               

Once your return has been received, we will inspect the paddle and notify you of your refund status. If your request is approved, a credit will be applied to the original method of payment. Freight charges cannot be credited.

Fixing my paddle?

Please email [email protected] or call (715) 755-3405 with your concern and we’ll mail you a replacement right away!

This issue has been true of our paddles built with the injection-molded (plastic) ferrule. This ferrule design was re-engineered in the spring of 2009 and paddles are now built with a composite tube ferrule, which is not prone to swelling. Check the blade fit up before each use. If the fit up between the blade and shaft is tighter than you prefer, use 100 grit sandpaper and sand down the blade peg to achieve the fit up you desire. If your blade is already stuck into the shaft we recommend placing a cold compression ice pack around the shaft at the joint area and wait five minutes. After five minutes remove ice pack, make sure the push button is depressed. Grab a partner and place the blade under the armpit of one person and secure the blade tightly under the arm. The second person then can twist the shaft back and forth to loosen up the blade from the shaft. Repeat process as many times as needed. If this does not work for you, you may send the paddle in for a warranty ferrule replacement. Please contact us for a Return Authorization number (please see question above regarding returns for review or repair instructions). A key note here: we recommend that you store two-piece and four-piece paddles completely disassembled.

Since we manufacture each paddle with precision, we do not offer generic replacement parts. We prefer to have you send us your remaining components to ensure that we have a perfect fit on your replacement. Please email [email protected] a photo of the paddle and/or see question above regarding returns for review or repair instructions.

What are the dimensions of Aqua-Bound shafts?

All measurements are the outside diameter (OD).

Aluminum, OD:  1.18 in

Small Diameter Fiberglass, OD: 1.12 in

Regular Diameter Fiberglass, OD: 1.19 in

Small Diameter Carbon, OD: 1.12 in

Regular Diameter Carbon, OD: 1.18 in

Bent Shaft Diameter, OD: 1.18 OD

Fiberglass, OD: 1.23 in

Regular Carbon, OD: 1.21 in

T-700 Twill, OD: 1.25 in

Do Aqua-Bound paddles float?

All Aqua-Bound paddles come reinforced with foam plugs that trap air inside the shaft to keep it afloat and keep water out to prevent leaks for the lifetime of the paddle.