You asked for durability.....we delivered.

The most revolutionary kayak paddles in whitewater engineered for power where you need it and strength where it counts.

Experience unmatched durability to keep your paddle performing for the long-haul. See you on the water!


Double down on edge protection with revolutionary Lam-Lok™ US Patent Pending technology.

In addition to resisting impact and abrasion, Lam-Lok™ is 5-10x more effective at fighting delamination than blades without it. Lam-Lok™ mechanically bonds the laminated blade layers together with over 5 meters of an aramid thread per blade, dramatically extending the life of your paddle.

Wade Harrison

Watch Wade Harrison's take on how his Aerial Carbon and Fiberglass paddles are holding up and performing on the water.


AQ Outdoors

Hear from Simon Coward, owner of AQ Outdoors, as he shares early thoughts on his Aerial Carbon.


Whitewater The Canoe Center

Learn what type of "wizardry" and Aerial features impress the crew at Whitewater The Canoe Center.


Composite Blade Peg

Reinforced carbon blade peg maximizes strength of the blade-to-shaft joint while matching the stiffness/flex of the entire paddle. Feels like a solid one-piece construction—with the benefit of built-in durability.


Feels good, looks good.

Carbon fiber shafts feature a tactile overcoat to help maintain a controlled grip. They are engineered to be optimized for a stiffness/flex balance between traditional carbon and fiberglass.

Oh, and they look cool, too.

BADA$$ Blades

Blades feature a wide, flattened foam spine that simulates performance qualities of full foam-core blades.

Larger core area and localized reinforcements maximizes strength, stiffness and durability.

Asymmetric blade with a slight dihedral for smooth, powerful strokes.

Get a (Good) Grip

Straight or crank, designed for industry-best indexing and comfortable control.

Elongated, softened triangular grip shape helps you intuitively know blade position in relation to indexing.

Slightly tactile, rubberized overcoat helps maintain a controlled grip–and it won’t destroy paddler calluses, to boot.


Lam-Lok: "It actually works everybody."

Watch Wade Harrison's "Quick Review" on YouTube

Wade Harrison

"Your paddle has something different, in a good way."

Liam Jay
Regional Sales Manager, Pyranha

"Hands down the best shaft indexing I have felt. Best indexing in the industry."

Jonny Ortiz
Epic Kayaks North America

"Looks great, feels great, paddles great."

Chris Hipgrave
Sales Director, Pyranha

Major vs. Minor Blade Size


Aerial Major blade size is best suited for paddlers who are larger-statured, in excellent paddling shape, or require extra surface area to enact extremely responsive, aggressive maneuvers.

Size: 45.5 cm x 19.2 cm (700 sq. cm)

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Aerial Minor blade size is best suited for small to medium statured paddlers or those looking for maximize efficiency when running rivers.

Size: 44 cm x 20 cm (645 sq. cm)

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  • Carbon & Fiberglass Blades
  • Two Blade Sizes (Major & Minor)
  • Fixed & Adjustable Lengths (5 cm)
  • Fixed & Infinite Offset Angles
  • Straight & Crank Shafts
  • 1pc, 2pc, 4pc breakdown (including 4pc crank!)
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