Northern Lights

Whiskey & Tango

Award-Winning Performance Kayak Paddles

New Pattern, Same Outstanding Performance

Making their highly-anticipated debut in 2017, the Whiskey and Tango are ultra-light performance kayak paddles that impress even the most seasoned kayakers.

Hand-crafted, compression-molded, multi-laminate fiberglass blades feature vibrant patterns that look striking both in and out of the water. Both paddles feature a carbon shaft and 100% carbon Posi-Lok® ferrule system with infinite feathering angles.

Our newest color option, Northern Lights, sealed the deal of Paddling Magazine’s Industry Awards, earning the accolade of 2022's Best Paddle.


High-angle Whiskey blades drive speed and power. The shorter, wider blades are designed to pull as much water as possible with each stroke, propelling your kayak forward faster.

Typically, high-angle blades are used by whitewater kayakers, packrafters, kayak surfers, aggressive, fast paddlers, and those who regularly haul a lot of gear.

Learn more about high-angle paddles here.

~ Awarded Best In Class by PaddleTV ~

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Low-angle Tango blades are designed for efficiency and ease with each stroke. The longer, narrower blades pull through the water with ease, resulting in less fatigue over time.

Tango Fiberglass paddles suit kayakers who prefer more relaxed paddling, love to be on the water for many hours, or even days, at a time, or want paddling to be easier on their body.

Learn more about low-angle paddles here.

~Awarded Best Paddle by Paddling Magazine Industry Awards ~

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Shaft Options

2-Piece Straight

Chosen by those who need the lightest weight option at 26 ounces, paddling long distances, or looking for the best shaft material from Aqua Bound. A 2-piece kayak paddle model is ideal for long days on the water and multi-day trips.

4-Piece Straight

For the traveling paddler, avid packrafter, or those who like to combine hiking and paddling. Weighing 28 ounces, a 4-piece option efficiently breaks down, allowing for easier carrying, packing and storing. Learn more about packable paddles here.

2-Piece Bent

Paddle longer with less fatigue and strain. The bend in the shaft gives wrists natural, ergonomic alignment. At 28.5 ounces, this paddle is ideal for long distances and those with chronic wrist or elbow issues. Learn more about bent shaft kayak paddles here.


“Now a trusted companion on the water, the Tango by Aqua Bound is a go-to for a smooth forward stroke and eye-popping designs."


New Whiskey and Tango Kayak Paddle Color: Northern Lights

We’re excited to announce a brand new color pattern for our best kayak paddles, the Whiskey and Tango, for 2022: Northern Lights.

Aqua Bound Tango Fiberglass is 2022 Best Kayak Paddle!

We’re thrilled that our Tango Fiberglass kayak paddle has just been awarded “Best Paddle” by 2022 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards!

Our Whiskey Fiberglass Kayak Paddle Wins “Best in Class”

We’re so pleased that PaddleTV just announced Aqua Bound’s Whiskey Fiberglass kayak paddle as a “Best High Performance Paddle of 2021”! Paddle TV’s Ken Whiting gives the round-up of their Top 5 Kayak Paddles of 2021 in this video…