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These Curves Conserve: Maximizing Paddling Efficiency and Comfort

The lightest bent shaft on the market allows touring paddlers to reduce fatigue and prolong their time on the water by aligning wrists in a more natural position. Setting out to design the most comfortable bent shaft in kayaking, your favorite Aqua Bound® Whiskey and Tango paddles are now available as bent shafts and exceeding expectations on all fronts.

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Our goal with the bent shaft was take what our research shows is the smoothest forward stroke in paddling, and compliment it with a shaft that offers a more natural wrist position, making every stroke more effortless and enjoyable. We analyzed the physics of three different paddler body shapes, for both women and men, focusing on every curve and movement affected by the paddling stroke. We even studied the hand grip position on the shaft, looking to make the shaft shape more comfortable to the kayaker. Motivated by our goal of "the most comfortable bent shaft in kayaking", our engineers used that intelligence to design our new bent shaft.


One of the most defining features of the bent shaft is an ovalized asymmetrical triangular shaft diameter, which is designed for control strokes and meant to fit into the crevasses of your fingers. Additionally, the 3K Plain Weave carbon shaft is one of the lightest shaft materials we were able to get our hands on, while also exceeding our break strength expectations through internal testing. At weights of 25.5 oz. for the Carbon models and 28.5 oz. for the Fiberglass models, we’re looking to be the lightest option available in bent shaft designs.

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    A natural position for your wrists. Researched and tested to fit the natural movement of your body.

    Ovalized carbon shaft. An asymmetrical triangular shaft diameter provides the most comortable grip.

    Strength/Durability. Made with a durable 3K Plain Weave carbon shaft, our paddles are tested to withstand tough conditions.

    Lightweight. Weighing in at 25.5 oz for the Carbon models and 28.5 oz. for the Fiberglass models, these are the lightest bent shafts around.

    Smooth forward stroke. High-angle and low-angle blade options are available to propel you through the water.

    Posi-Lok® ferrule system. Strong, corrosion-free construction, convenient dual-button release, and infinite feathering angles. Licensed Ferrule US Patent No. 6,881,111.

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    Get your hands on an Aqua-Bound® Whiskey/Tango Bent Shaft near you. Your wrists will thank you.

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