Inside Aqua Bound “Beyond the Paddle”

Get an exclusive look behind the curtain at Aqua Bound. We dive into what makes us proud as a USA paddle manufacturer and as individuals in this brand new video:

Aqua Bound: The Company

As Operations Manager, Jason Eccles, says, “The quality of our product really starts with our employees. We really rely on our individuals building our product to ensure that the quality of our paddles are what we expect and what we feel good about selling to our consumers.”

Aqua Bound’s employees are paddlers themselves. So we field test them—often right in our backyard on the St. Croix River—and, in that sense, are building the kinds of paddles we want to use ourselves.

Our paddles are designed and hand-crafted in our shop in Osceola, Wisconsin. Paddlers building paddles. That gives us a stronger connection to our product, a stronger sense of accomplishment and pride, and a stronger sense of purpose as a company.

Whether it’s our entry-level aluminum paddles or our high-end carbon performance paddles, we put the same commitment and attention to detail in each one.

As a buyer, you can be confident that commitment and attention will take care of you on the water, whether your adventure is for a few hours on a local river or several weeks on an expedition.

Aqua Bound: The Team

A company is only ever as strong as its team of employees. Aqua Bound truly does consider each employee as part of its team.

aqua bound employees

You’ll hear testimony of this in the video by  Susie Kadlec, Inside Sales and Service: “The culture here is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of, in any of the work spaces I’ve ever been in."

Aqua Bound: The Future

We’ve gone through adversity as a company, like everyone else, and have proven we can not only withstand challenges, but use them to drive more innovation and market share.

As Susie says, “We’ve got a young team who’s really thinking critically about the future, and looking intentionally at what the consumer base is going to demand. So I think the future looks really bright for Aqua Bound.”


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