Choosing a Ray Series Kayak Paddle

Durable, lightweight and affordable—the Ray Series kayak paddles by Aqua-Bound represent some of the best values in the industry. Here are some videos that’ll help you choose the right paddle…

This first video gives you an overview of all three Ray Series paddle lines: Sting Ray, Eagle Ray and Manta Ray. Like all Aqua-Bound paddles, these are American-made at our factory in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Sting Ray Kayak Paddles

The Sting Ray series is our best-selling and most popular family of kayak paddles. The mid-size blades, at 91 square inches, are perfect for flat and slow-moving water. It’s a great all-around paddle for any kayaker. Its smaller blades mean less water and wind resistance, meaning less fatigue for you.


Sting Ray Carbon • MSRP $189.95-219.95—Weighing in at only 28.75 ounces, the Sting Ray Carbon is the lightest kayak paddle available under $200. It features a 100% carbon shaft and carbon-reinforced nylon resin blades.

Sting Ray Hybrid • MSRP $139.95-159.95 —Our best-selling touring kayak paddle, the Sting Ray Hybrid, combines the best of carbon and fiberglass. It’s the lightest injection-molded kayak paddle available at its price point. The shaft is 100% carbon and the blades are fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

Sting Ray Fiberglass • MSRP $99.95-119.95—The Sting Ray Fiberglass is a great all-around paddle for flat and slow-moving water. The fiberglass shaft brings the price point down, while still making for a light paddle that’s warm on your hands.

Sting Ray Aluminum • MSRP $99.95-109.95 —Coupling Aqua-Bound’s exclusive abXII blades with a corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum shaft, the Sting Ray Aluminum is a sturdy recreational paddle with a low price tag.

Eagle Ray Kayak Paddles

The Eagle Ray kayak paddles are designed for touring kayakers and paddlers with heavily-loaded boats. The skinny blades are designed for a more relaxed stroke and less wind resistance. But their larger 98-square inch size provides more bite than other mid and low-angle paddles.


Eagle Ray Carbon • MSRP $189.95-219.95—The Eagle Ray Carbon’s shaft is 100% carbon, and the blades are carbon-reinforced nylon. This first-class touring choice is one of the best carbon values on the market—up to $200 less than its touring competitors.

Eagle Ray Hybrid • MSRP $139.95-159.95—The budget-conscious kayaker’s dream, the Eagle Ray Hybrid has everything you want in a touring paddle at a price you can afford. It features the light weight of an all-carbon shaft with the durability and power of an abXII fiberglass-reinforced blade.

Manta Ray Kayak Paddles

The Manta Ray kayak paddles are known as the “muscle” of our Ray series because of the large 105-square inch blades. It's a great paddle choice for high-angle paddlers, kayak fishermen, and those who need the extra pull for low-angle paddles and heavily-loaded boats.


Manta Ray Carbon • MSRP $189.95-219.95—At just 29.5 ounces, the Manta Ray Carbon is the lightest high-angle, injection-molded paddle available. Its stiff and durable abX carbon-reinforced blades will help you move some serious water. The ovalized carbon composite shaft means less fatigue and joint strain.

Manta Ray Hybrid • MSRP $139.95-159.95 —The Manta Ray Hybrid has a low swing weight and provides both comfort and power at a great price point. It features an all-carbon shaft and abXII fiberglass-reinforced blades.

Manta Ray Fiberglass • MSRP $109.95-119.95—The same beefy blades as the Carbon and Hybrid, made from fiberglass for a more affordable price point. The Manta Ray Fiberglass provides plenty of strength, and is lighter and warmer on the hands than an aluminum shaft.

Manta Ray Aluminum • MSRP $99.95-109.95 —Identical to the Manta Ray Fiberglass in every way except for the shaft. The anodized aluminum shaft makes the Manta Ray Aluminum one of our most affordable Ray Series paddles, perfect for beginners and recreational paddlers.

No matter which Ray Series kayak paddle you choose, you know you’ll be getting a top-quality, durable paddle that gives you a ton of bang for your buck.

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